What To Do If Your IPTV Is Not Working In 2023

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We have all been there, you sit down and get ready to watch your favorite sports game, and then BAM a black screen and you change IPTV channels and every channel shows a black screen and you slowly come to the realization your IPTV is not working.

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In this article, we will be covering different problems which can cause your IPTV not to work and also how to get your IPTV back working so you can enjoy all the channels your IPTV provider has to offer.

How To Fix Your IPTV Not Working Problem

1. You Are Using A Internet Provider Who Blocks IPTV

This seems to be the most common issue in 2023 and at the minute it mostly affects the United Kingdom.

7 internet providers have come together to block most IPTV servers when live football is on this can be whether it’s a UEFA game, Premier League match, or even a World Cup football match.

The 7 internet providers will block your internet from accessing the IPTV until around 2 hours after the football match has been on.

Here are the 7 internet providers in the UK who block IPTV

  • Sky
  • Virgin Media
  • BT
  • TalkTalk
  • EE
  • Vodaphone
  • Plusnet

If you have your internet with any of these above providers and your IPTV stops working when a football match is on this is why your IPTV is not working. It will be roughly 2 hours after the football is on.

But what is IPTV without football? That’s a big reason many people get IPTV for soccer, so let’s look at the fixes to this.

There are 2 fixes for this problem, one is to use a VPN which will solve this problem permanently and is one of the best solutions for the IPTV block.

We recommend using this VPN below as it works best with IPTV and can be installed on mostly all IPTV devices such as Smart TVs, Firesticks, and more. Also SAVE82% OFF using the button below.

Now with the above being said there is a second way to fix this and that’s if your IPTV provider is using other domains they can give you to use which are using Cloudflare.

This is not the most ideal way as maybe every few months you will have to change the domains but this way should be a free option for you.

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You would need t get hold of your IPTV provider and ask if they have a different domain name you can use to solve the IPTV block problem.

Again we recommend using the button above and getting a VPN for a low cost this will resolve the IPTV block issue permanently so you can enjoy the IPTV when football is on.

If you want to look further into this issue then check out our article on How To Stop Your ISP From Blocking IPTV and you will be able to see more about this IPTV block.

Another way you watch IPTV when football is on is to use another UK internet provider that is NOT in the list below.

  • Sky
  • Virgin Media
  • BT
  • TalkTalk
  • EE
  • Vodaphone
  • Plusnet

We are not going to lie but using a VPN is important in 2023 so we strongly recommend using a VPN to resolve this if you are using one of the above internet providers they are cheap and make life easier without any IPTV issues and also make the IPTV better as you don’t get any bandwidth throttling by your internet provider.

2. Check Your IPTV Device Has Internet Access

This is a simple check but whatever IPTV device you are using, come out of the IPTV app and go to YouTube or another app and make sure you have internet access on your device before you move on to the following steps.

If your other apps are not working then turn off your IPTV device and then turn OFF your wifi router then wait 15 minutes and then turn on your router wait another 5 minutes then finally turn on your IPTV device, this should have solved any issues with your internet unless your internet is down in your area.

Check out what to do if IPTV Doesn’t Work On Wifi

3. Make Sure Your IPTV Providers Server Is Not Down

To check this you can email your IPTV provider to see if everything is working on their side if you happen to not get a quick reply then you can take the domain they gave you when you signed up in an email.

Then enter this domain in a web browser on your laptop or smartphone and see if you get a page showing up. If no page shows up there’s a very high chance your IPTV provider servers are down and you will need to wait a little while or contact them about this.

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We have covered all the methods to fix your IPTV from not working but let’s cover some issues below such as buffering and freeing IPTV channels issues.

How To Fix Any IPTV Buffering Or Freeing

Sometimes the buffering can be your IPTV provider servers but there are some checks to do before you point your fingers at your IPTV provider.

1. Check Internet Speed

First, make sure your internet speed is good by going to Speedtest by Ookla and running a speed test.

You will want to see ideally above 10Mbps on the download speed which is around the basic minimum internet speed you need to watch IPTV.

Check to see a more in-depth guide about Internet Speeds Needed For IPTV.

2. Use An Updated IPTV App

After you have checked the speed be sure you are using a good IPTV app such as TiviMate or IPTV Smarters and it’s updated on the latest version and not the prehistoric version from the dinosaur ages.

You can see our article How To Install TiviMate IPTV Player On A Firestick Or Other Android Device after installing this you will have the best IPTV player ever made up to now.

3. Make Sure Your Internet Provider Is Not Bandwidth Throttling Your Internet Connection

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This is a hard one to tell but if you are noticing freezing and buffering in the evenings and weekend this will be why so you will need to use a VPN and this will eradicate any buffering and freezing (if you’re using a good IPTV provider in the first place).

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4. Check Your Not Currently Getting Any Internet Drop Outs

Now and again you can get a spotty connection this can be because your internet is just dropping packets which are causing buffering and freezing so to check for internet dropouts the best way is to use your smartphone.

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You can install an IPTV app on your smartphone such as GSE IPTV then enter your IPTV supplier’s information in the app and make sure you are using mobile data 4G and test the IPTV streams to make sure they are working fine.

See our guide on How To Install GSE IPTV On Your Smartphone

If the streams are not buffering or freezing on your smartphone then this leads to the next step in this list.

5. Wait Some Time

Yes just wait a few hours or even the next day and you may find everything just resolves by itself especially if you have not received any buffering or freezing in the past with your provider.

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6. Wifi Signal Could Be Weak

If you are using a firestick and it’s a lower generation or a few years old then naturally the firestick or whatever IPTV device you are using Wifi strength can deteriorate which can be causing the IPTV to buffer or freeze.

Ideally, you will need to either test another device if you have one or move the firestick or the router closer together while you test if this is the cause.

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7. Change IPTV Providers

If you have tried all the above and nothing is helping with your buffering and freezing then it might be time to change your IPTV provider.

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Have a look around for new providers and see if you can test their IPTV service first on a free 24-hour trial to make sure their service is better than your current IPTV provider and is causing you no buffering or freezing problems.

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Final Thoughts

This has been a comprehensive guide on what to do if your IPTV is not working and will help you fix your IPTV and get it running smoothly as it should.

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