What To Do If You Have A Blocked IPTV Problem With Your Router

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If you have recently purchased an IPTV subscription and notice it won’t log you into the IPTV app or the IPTV channels are just a black screen this article will help you resolve any IPTV problems you are having with your router.

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What To Do If You Have A Blocked IPTV Problem With Your Router

The first step is to turn both your IPTV-enabled device OFF and then turn your wireless router OFF. Now turn the router back on and wait at least 5 minutes for it to go through its starting procedures then only after 5 minutes turn on your IPTV device.

Doing the above will correct many IPTV router problems but depending on your internet provider it may not be a router problem or an internet issue but it could be your internet provider is actively blocking IPTV servers on which your IPTV provider provides you the IPTV channels on.

How To Know If Your Internet Provider (ISP) Is Blocking IPTV

7 main UK internet providers actively block IPTV when there is a football game on, normally an hour before kick-off right to 1-2 hours after the final whistle which can be very frustrating as there is a football game on nearly daily and all day on weekends.

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First, check the list below to see if your internet provider is mentioned in it

  • Sky
  • Virgin Media
  • BT
  • TalkTalk
  • EE
  • Vodaphone
  • Plusnet

If your internet provider is above and your IPTV is getting blocked then you will need to use a VPN and always keep it turned ON to avoid your internet provider from blocking the IPTV when football matches are on.

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You can also install the VPN across many different devices and have the VPN running on up to 5 devices simultaneously if needed.

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If you are with an internet provider who has not been listed above then you will need to check manually to see if your IPTV is being blocked.

How To Check If Your Internet Provider Is Blocking IPTV

You can simply download your IPTV provider app on your smartphone whether you’re using an Android or iPhone.

Then make sure you turn off your Wifi so you are using just your phone’s 3G/4G then enter the IPTV app with your IPTV provider credentials and you should be able to log in fine and then see the IPTV channels working perfectly fine.

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Doing the above proves the issue is your internet provider who is blocking your IPTV provider’s server and router.

Please notice: If you are using a mobile data provider from the list mentioned above then you will still get blocked even using 3G/4G on your smartphone.

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You can also see our article on Why You Must Use A VPN With IPTV to see why it’s getting more vital to use a VPN in 2023 even if you’re not getting your IPTV blocked by your ISP as you can keep your IP address and details more private and much more.


So if you seem to be having a blocked IPTV problem with your router you can try the method we mentioned and if that doesn’t work you can see if your internet provider is blocking the IPTV and use a VPN to resolve this issue.

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