IPTV Reseller

At Strong IPTV we offer the best in iptv reseller packages so you start your own IPTV service for your clients or friends while not worrying about the running servers and the other things behind the scene this allows you to make money without the extra stresses.

You get access to our IPTV reseller panel where you can add and create new IPTV users very easily for many different IPTV devices or if you have a website of your own you can directly tie the website to the panel using a special service which we can explain more about once you’re a reseller of IPTV.

Another bonus to owning your own IPTV business is that you get to make your own branding and website if needed while also using your very own domain if you like so everything is unique to you.

IPTV Reseller Prices

First, to become a reseller you would have to buy a minimum of $200 USD worth of IPTV credits for you to become registered as an iptv reseller. Then each time you top up your reseller panel you would need to make a payment of at least $200 USD.

Here Are The Reseller IPTV Credit Prices

For 1 month = 6 Credits
For 3 months: 15 Credits
For 6 months = 25 credits
For 12 months = 45 credits

The above is the cost of credits for a single client package and follow we have put how much we charge for credits as the higher you pay for reseller credits the bigger the discount you get and more profit.

Pay 200 USD and you get 225 credits ( discount 12.5%)
Pay 500 USD and you get 650 credits (discount 30%)
Pay  1000 USD and you get 1350 credits (discount 35%)

We accept Bitcoin as a payment or you can send a bank transfer or an international bank transfer if outside the UK.

To pay please contact us first and we will set you up manually once we have gave you our payment details and you have made payment.

Benefits Of Our IPTV Reseller Panel

You will find our panel is the same as Xtream Codes if you have ever used that IPTV panel before if not it’s very user-friendly and allows you to create users, kick users, monitor them, change their password, manage mag devices and more.

Another thing with our IPTV reseller panel is you can create sub iptv resellers allowing you to take on your own iptv resellers and set your own pricing to them which is a good feature of an iptv panel.

Reseller IPTV Support

As a reseller, you will get great support from our dedicated reseller team who are English and will deal with your issues fast and timely so you can run your operation smoothly to keep your IPTV business in top shape without having to wait around and stress about getting hold of your IPTV provider plus we are available around the clock for your needs.

Can I Offer Free Trials As a Reseller

Yes, you can give out 48hr free trials to potential clients but to stop spam and abuse of free trials you are set to a limit of 5 free trials a day. This can increase in future for your specific reseller account with us.

We are the best in IPTV provider around and our premium IPTV service is of very high quality. We provide our services worldwide we look forward to having you.


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