How To Get A Free IPTV Smarters Pro Account

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If you have been testing different IPTV apps then you may have decided to use IPTV Smarters pro or even TiviMate Premium with these 2 being the best 2 IPTV apps on the market right now.

In this guide, we will be showing you how you can get a free IPTV smarters pro account.

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Why Get A Free IPTV Smarters Pro Account

The difference between IPTV smarters and the IPTV smarters Pro is many and will allow you to fully get the best from the IPTV application.

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We will list some of the benefits below as to why you should be using IPTV smarters pro over IPTV Smarters Lite or the free version.

Differences Between IPTV Smarters Pro & IPTV Smarters Lite

  • Manage multiple EPG sources (instead of one)
  • Add multiple IPTV playlists (instead of one)
  • Add parental control to block Adult channels
  • Can choose either internal player or external player selection (VLC Media etc)
  • The pro version supports Picture in picture (PiP)

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How To Get IPTV Smarters Pro Account For Free

We will now cover the best method to get an IPTV smarters pro account for free by downloading the premium pro version of the app which has already been activated.

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  1. On your Android device or IPTV device go to
  2. Now install the APK file, the above URL has downloaded
  3. Open the IPTV Smarters Pro app on your device
  4. Enter the details such as username, password, and server URL from your IPTV provider email

Thats it a simple way to easily get a free IPTV Smarters Pro account and enjoy all the pro version benefits.

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What Are The Normal Costs For IPTV Smarters Pro?

If you have an android device such as a firestick then the android app is also free if you sign up at the IPTV smarters website but for devices such as iPad and apple devices you will need to pay $4.99 to get the pro version.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best and easiest way to get an IPTV smarters pro free account and enjoy all the benefits that the pro version has to offer.

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