What To Do If IPTV won’t Work On 4G Or 5G

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If you happen to be outside your house and want to catch the latest sports or TV show on your Android or iPhone but all of a sudden the IPTV doesn’t seem to work then our guide on what to do if IPTV won’t work on 4g or 5g will solve your problem.

Also, make sure you have the best IPTV subscription when it comes to using your 4G or 5G network for IPTV as otherwise, it won’t matter how good your 4G/5G is if the IPTV is not so good quality.

What Causes IPTV Not To Work On 4g Or 5g Networks

Is highly likely that your mobile data provider is blocking the connection to your IPTV provider’s server when there is live football on.

The above was just a quick answer let’s dive more deeply into this issue. Before we do just make sure you can access other websites using the same smartphone or 4G/5G router you have to make sure you have mobile data left and your connection is good.

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Once you have checked that all is good with your mobile data, if you are with any of these mobile data providers in the UK below then you will need to use a VPN to get the IPTV to work.

  • Orange
  • Vodafone
  • Three

There could be a few other mobile data providers where you need to use a VPN. This could be in the UK, other European countries, and the USA.

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We highly recommend you use the VPN below with your smartphone or 4G/5G router as it is one of the best quality for the best price VPN currently, you can save 82% OFF.

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The issue with the football block is everything there is a premiership, champions league, or world cup game depending on who your internet is with they can block the IPTV and this happens not only to mobile data providers but across broadband providers as well.

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The Solution To Get IPTV Working On 4g And 5g Networks

Now you know the solution is to simply use a VPN and then the IPTV will work completely fine.

We recommend also keeping the VPN on at all times when using any IPTV to avoid any future disruptions in your IPTV viewing.

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Final Thoughts

We have covered the main reason why your IPTV won’t be working with your 4g o 5g smartphone or router so make sure you get a VPN and enjoy all that IPTV has to offer.

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