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We know some people prefer Apple devices using iOS over Android and it’s an ongoing war between the 2 when it comes to operating systems with many preferring the open-source Android and being able to do a lot more on Android to the reliability and robustness of the iOS operating system you find on all Apple devices.

There are many different Apple devices such as iMac, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TVs but in this article, we will be focusing on the iOS operating system the Apple TV runs on called tvOS.

What Is tvOS?

tvOS is the operating system that now powers all Apple TVs which is based on the popular Apple iOS operating system which many have come to love.

tvOS was introduced back in September 2015 at an Apple media event and was preinstalled on all 4th generation Apple TV devices. 

The bonus with tvOS is it’s the first time Apple introduced support for third-party applications which did not come with the previous OS made on anything Apple TV 3rd Gen and below.

Is IPTV Good On Apple TVs?

Yes, you will find IPTV works great on Apple TVs and any other Apple device for that matter such as an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and iMac.

There are not as many IPTV apps available compared to Android because Apple is very selective about what IPTV apps it allows on its iOS store and there is no way to sideload third-party applications on the Apple TV due to tvOS being a closed-source operating system.

When it comes to running IPTV on your Apple TV we will be covering 2 of the best iOS IPTV apps below.

Two Of The Best Apple TV IPTV Apps To Use On Your Apple TV

We will only be covering 2 IPTV apps below but if you want a more in-depth article make sure to check our 10 Best IPTV Apps For Apple TV In 2023.

iPlayTV – Paid App

iPlayTV is the best IPTV you can run on any Apple iOS device, especially your Apple TV, and has been the leader of the app pack for the last few years.

This is because it has been made with a stunning UX in mind to rival some of the other big IPTV apps out there such as Tivimate and XCIPTV.

When using the iPlayTV it also feels very initiative, especially to new users of IPTV as well as feeling snappy and well-built.

Benefits Of iPlayTV

  • Can add multiple M3U playlists
  • Add channels in your favorite category
  • Enable preview of channels
  • Find logos for each IPTV channel
  • Supports most video codecs
  • Can add in either gzip/tar EPG lists
  • Works with Airplay2
  • Add in your IPTV details via Xtream Codes API
  • Built-in search

So yes when it comes to IPTV and Apple TV we highly recommend getting this app as it’s the cream of the crop out of the iOS IPTV apps.


The cost of iPlayTV is £5.99 and you can purchase the app directly from the iOS app store.

You can also enjoy a free 24-hour trial of the app if it’s the first time you have installed it on your Apple TV.

Now let’s look at the second best IPTV iOS app you can use on your AppleTV.

See How To Set Up iPlayTV IPTV On An Apple TV Device.

GSE Smart IPTV – Free App

GSE IPTV is a well-rounded app and has been built to work across many different devices such as Android TV Boxes, Nvidia Sheilds, iPads, iPhones, and Apple TVs.

You may have even used GSE IPTV in the past especially if you have been watching IPTV on an Android OS previously. 

The app design such as its UX design does not beat the design of iPlayTV but for a free IPTV app, it’s not too bad.

Benefits Of GSE Smart IPTV

  • Supports both M3U and XSPF playlists
  • Paid version ad-free
  • When the connection is lost it will auto-connect so no need to change the channel
  • Can auto start app when Apple TV is booted up
  • Supports multicast streaming with UDP proxies
  • Can use either JTV or XMLTV EPG formats
  • Can change the channel view (Grid, list, or tile)
  • Has playlist history


GSE Smart IPTV costs only £3.99 and can be installed directly from the iOS app store. You will first download the free version which can have some limitations compared to the premium version and also will have adverts on the free version.

Final Thoughts

We have answered all you need to know about whether IPTV on an Apple TV is good or not and which apps we prefer when watching IPTV on an Apple TV and across all Apple devices.


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