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We cover everything you need to know about IPTV delays and timings to do with live TV channels and more in our is IPTV delayed article.

You may have been watching an important football match that has gone to penalties but then after the player lines up you suddenly hear your next-door neighbor who happens to support the same team as you screaming in joy as your favorite team has just won a cup.

Yes, this can be annoying we will cover more about it now.

Is IPTV Delayed?

Yes, you will find that IPTV s delayed it can be as much as 15, or 30 seconds all the way to a few minutes delayed against the actual live TV channel.

The reason for this is how IPTV works as it pulls the real live TV channel you watching from somewhere then it has to route the live tv channel through many different routers and servers then to your IPTV device.

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This can cause delays due to the different hops and latency the IPTV packets have to travel through just to get to your IPTV device.

On top of this, your IPTV provider then may set what is called a pre-buffer to the IPTV streams which will help with the buffering of the said live IPTV stream when it finally reaches your IPTV device.

Common IPTV Pre-Buffer Timings

  • 15 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 45 seconds
  • 60 seconds

As you can see from the above your IPTV provider may have set their own pre-buffer which helps with the streams from freezing and jamming.

This is especially useful for anyone who may be watching on a slower internet connection such as 2Mbps broadband or even using their 3G smartphone.

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So even if you have some fast 500Mbps download speed internet it won’t matter if your provider has set a pre-buffer this is to help those lower-speed internet people so hold a thought for these stuck-in-the-past people.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Fix The IPTV Delay?

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to fix the delay of IPTV channels even if it’s only 10 seconds or so.

You can make sure you are using a good speed internet and quality broadband connection which doesn’t cut off a lot or have many dropouts.

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Zapping Delay On IPTV Channels

You may have noticed that when you change channels it can have a slight delay from 1 second to 5 seconds before the IPTV channel kicks in.

This is normal and if it’s a bit on the high side of waiting so 5 seconds or so this can sometimes be changed by your ipTV supplier so always worth asking them to change this if the waiting is rubbing you the wrong way.

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Troubleshooting An IPTV Delay

If you start to see an IPTV delay and it wasn’t there before from things such as live TV delay, zapping delay, or even audio delay when people are talking on TV then this can sometimes be the fault of your IPTV device.

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We advise some troubleshooting steps below and then see if the delay has been fixed.

  • Turn the IPTV device off and back on
  • Turn your router off and wait for 5 minutes then restart the iptv device
  • Clear the cache on your IPTV device
  • Make sure there is free space on your IPTV device by deleting any unused applications.
  • Check there are no obstructions in the way of the Wifi signal
  • Check any ethernet cables are in good condition and swap out the cable to test

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What Other IPTV-Based Services Have A Delay

You will find not only your IPTV provider suffers from slight delays but so do some heavyweight IPTV service providers such as Philo, PlayStation Vue, and your cable/satellite providers who you have an IPTV-based box with have delayed too again due to how IPTV works.

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Final Thoughts

We hope we were able to clear up the question around is IPTV delayed and provide reasons as well as some tips you can take to minimize the delay as well as the zapping delays.


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