Is IPTV The Future Of Television

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Over the past previous years, IPTV has been coming on in leaps and bounds with more people deciding to cut the cord and ditch their expensive cable and satellite boxes for a small IPTV device they can stream live TV without the need for clumsy satellite/cable equipment.

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In this article we will be seeing is IPTV the future of television. and what the IPTV industry has in store over the coming years.

A Quick Introduction In To IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)

The term IPTV first was introduced as a term back in 1995 by 2 software engineers named Judith Estrin and Bill Carrico who made an IPTV device that they named IP/TV.

IPTV started to pick up steam in the year 2002 with some hotels incorporating IPTV systems into their internal hotel networks which could stream hotel advertisements and live TV.

Then as the internet got better and better around the year 2015 is when IPTV started to become mainstream with IPTV providers coming along and offering services at a lower cost than traditional cable and satellite providers and the likes of VOD (video-on-demand) services from the likes of Netflix and Youtube.

Fast forward to 2023 and IPTV is the leading way to watch streamed content with all the old cable and satellite providers offering their own version of IPTV instead of the older cable and satellite TV we are used to.

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What Makes an IPTV Set Top Box So Good

An IPTV set-top box is a device that allows you to connect to your favorite IPTV provider’s service so you can get access to the world’s Tv channels at a press of a button.

Traditionally they used to be square cumbersome boxes but with time the form factors became smaller with the likes of Amazon firesticks which are the perfect size and can easily travel with.

What makes IPTV set boxes so good is they can easily be transported and connected to any wireless network to allow you quick access to watch your favorite IPTV stream no matter where you are in the world.

Apart from this most IPTV set-top boxes now include great apps apart from IPTV apps such as Spotify, Youtube, and even gaming capabilities.

Features Of IPTV Set Top Boxes

Using an IPTV set box or an IPTV-enabled device such as an Amazon Firestick gives you many advantages over older satellite/cable systems which is easily giving IPTV the title of the future of television.

Live TV

IPTV is mainly centered around watching live TV channels including all the best sports channels no matter where you are or what time of day it is.

Catching your favorite TV channels and programs has never been so easy with IPTV and all you need is an internet connection as IPTV can also be run off your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone.

Timeshift And Catch-Up TV

Not only can you watch live TV many IPTV services allow you to use timeshift where you can pause and rewind live TV in case you get interrupted watching your IPTV stream.

Some IPTV providers also offer catch-up TV so if you miss an important sporting event you can get back home and choose the catch-up service on that specific channel to rewatch the event or any other channel you missed.

Video On Demand (VOD)

Video on demand is a great system that runs alongside IPTV that allows you to watch any movie or TV show which is stored on your IPTV provider’s subscription service.

Think of something like Netflix where you can browse their catalog and open up any movie or TV show on demand and start watching it and it saves your watch history and even recommends other related movies and TV shows you have watched.

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What Is The Future Of IPTV

So with all the above being said IPTV is not slowing down with the market size of the IPTV industry growing year by year.

By the year 2027, it is estimated that the IPTV industry will be worth over $67 billion with some other analysts even predicting the industry is worth over 104 billion dollars by that time.

IPTV has already stamped its mark on Europe with many European households using IPTV now and the over in Latin America the growth is the strongest for IPTV right now in the year 2023.

The largest IPTV market is in Asia where it has had the best growth and still growing. It’s safe to say IPTV is growing all across the world year after year.

The future of IPTV looks bright with more smart TVs adding your favorite IPTV apps to their built-in app store and more devices adding IPTV capabilities and IPTV apps allowing more people to access IPTV through their favorite IPTV providers.

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The streams are now getting better in terms of quality and even 4K live TV channels and 8K IPTV streams are being introduced with some IPTV suppliers.

The faster the internet becomes the better the IPTV is getting with stream quality getting even better and not to mention the VOD (videos on demand) getting better with more options than just movies and TV shows.

It’s safe to safe that IPTV has become the best way to cut the cord and is quickly becoming a satellite and cable killer, the same as what the online-only service of Netflix did to Blockbuster.

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Final Thoughts

We have gone over what is the future of IPTV and explained what makes IPTV the leading force when it comes to streaming content and watching live TV channels compared to other older methods such as satellite and cable systems.


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