Is ITV Hub Free? What Is The Cost?

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In this article we will cover the popular question is ITV Hub free and if not how much ITV Hub costs.

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If you live in the UK you will know that one of the main terrestrial TV channels there is iTV which is home to a host f different TV entertainment genres from dramas, soaps, movies, sports, and many more.

ITV is also home to some great television series such as Coronation Street (or Corrie), I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, and Love Island.

Is ITV Hub Free To Use?

Yes, you can use ITV hub totally free of charge across many different devices and also catch all iTV, iTV, iTV3, and ITV4 on both ITV Hub and many cable/satellite and Freeview boxes.

But there is a premium feature of ITV Hub which we will get into in the next section which may be worth upgrading to.

If you reside within the United Kingdom then getting ITV Hub on your Android, Smart TV, iOS device, or laptop is a breeze.

You will need to go to the app store on your selected device and search for ITV Hub then download it on your selected device.

Once you have downloaded and installed ITV Hub you will want to head over to the official ITV Hub website and create a free account which you can then sync your ITV Hub up to the account you have just made.

Does ITV Hub Cost? What Is The Price?

As we mentioned earlier ITV Hub is free to use but if you would like to activate the premium feature which is watching without any commercial adverts you will need to pay a small cost of £3.99 (4.85 USD) per month.

The premium version of ITV Hub is called ITV Hub+ which will stop any annoying adverts from appearing every 15 minutes as they do across Freeview, cable, and satellite boxes.

If you are outside the UK you will need to use a VPN to access ITV Hub and ITV Hub+ which you can click the button below and save a cool 72% OFF from the best VPN for ITV Hub which will allow you to watch the app on any device in any country outside the UK.

Apart from the ITV Hub costing £3.99, you can opt to go for the yearly price of £39.99 (48.50 USD) which will give you an ITV Hub+ subscription for the full year and give you 2 months free.

If you want to check what ITV Hub and ITV Hub+ have to offer you can also take a 7-day free trial of ITV Hub+ and test the service out before you decide to pay monthly or yearly for the service.

Is There A Way To Get ITV Hub+ Free?

Yes, you can get ITV Hub+ free if you have an Amazon Prime membership for up to 7 days of usage.

So it may be worth grabbing an Amazon Prime membership as you can get a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime which will automatically give you 7 days of ITV Hub+ for free.

If you decide you are not enjoying ITV Hub+ you can easily cancel your 7-day free trial through your ITV Hub account or Amazon Prime account if you have the free trial through Amazon Prime.

Once you cancel your free 7-day trial you will not be billed after the 7 days have ended and if you decide to cancel even on the first day of having ITV Hub+ you will still get the 7 days to test ITV Hub out.

If you are wanting over great home entertainment apps such as ITV Hub you can take a look at BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, Paramount+, and more.

ITV Hub Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get ITV Hub Free?

You may take out a free Amazon prime 30-day trial and will get a free 7 days of ITV Hub to enjoy, or go directly to ITV Hub and take out the free trial of the ITV Hub+ for 7 days.

What Do I Get With ITV Hub+ Premium?

With ITVHub+ being the premium version of ITV Hub you can have no adverts (commercial breaks) in between TV shows or whatever you are watching on ITV Hub.

What is The Difference Between ITV Hub and ITV Player?

There is no difference between the two as ITV Hub used to previously be called ITV Player which offered on-demand video and live sports in the app.

You will just need to make sure with ITV Hub that if you are located outside the UK so you geo-unlock the service by using a smart proxy or a VPN.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our article on Is ITV Hub free and what are the costs. You will now understand the difference between the standard ITV Hub and the premium version called ITV Hub+.


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