Is Kodi Safe? Should You Use It In 2023

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You may have used Kodi before especially when it started gaining traction around 2016 and you enjoyed watching your favorite content on Kodi and more. But now we are in 2023 and things have changed so we answer your questions on Is Kodi Safe and should you use Kodi in 2023.

We still have Kodi loaded on our firesticks here in our office but we don’t use it as much due to the rise and takeover of IPTV and the movies and tv shows that come along with it making this far superior to using Kodi.

We recommend you get Strong IPTV for your firestick instead of using Kodi as it’s private and everything just works as it should without any hiccups you face when using Kodi. 

Is Kodi Safe In 2023

Kodi is a safe application you can install on many different devices and platforms. It doesn’t contain viruses or malware and the official Kodi repository has safe add-ons you can download and install.

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But Kodi can become unsafe when you start to add in other third-party add-ons that are made by lesser-known developers so it’s always best to stick to the most popular third-party addons for Kodi.

Is Kodi Legal

We have answered this in one of our previous articles on is Kodi legal which will explain a lot more about Kodi and where it stands on the legal side of things.

In a nutshell, Kodi is legal but can easily become some murky water border lining the illegal side depending on what third-party add-ons you add in which are not in the Kodi official repository.

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Should I Use Kodi

Yes, you can still use Kodi as it still works good, if you can find the best Kodi builds and plugins but you will certainly need to use a VPN to protect your privacy.

We recommend using THIS VPN as it is one of the best VPNs to use while streaming anything inside of Kodi.

This will stop the likes of your ISP and other third parties from watching what you do while you use Kodi and matching your IP address to any copyrighted work which can get letters from your internet service provider sent to your house.

What Can I Do On Kodi In 2023

Well as mentioned earlier Kodi is now not the best platform to use with the rise of IPTV providers such as ourselves and others who offer far better-uninterrupted services to all channels, live sports, and movies you could think of without the headache of getting them to work in Kodi.

But if you do want to go ahead and still use Kodi or use it alongside an IPTV subscription then we recommend installing Ares Wizard to Kodi which will give you access to some of the latest and best Kodi builds you can easily one-click install on Kodi.

Kodi can also be installed on many devices and platforms as well such as Windows, Mac OS, iPhones, Linux, Android Boxes, Firesticks, and Kodi can even be installed on an Xbox One.


So we have answered the popular questions we get asked about is Kodi still safe to use and should I use Kodi in 2023 and beyond.

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