What Can You Do With IPTV Github


If you have ever programmed before you may have come across GitHub which is a repository that many coders upload their coding projects to which anyone can take the code and modify it for their own purposes.

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Well, you may be wondering what GitHub has to do with IPTV, well in our what can you do with IPTV GitHub will answer this for you.

What Can You Do With IPTV Github

What Exactly Is Github?

GitHub is a cloud-based service that lets developers and programmers store their coding projects online as well as manage and track their code changes.

You can think of GitHub being like Google Drive or OneDrive but made for coders where they store their code and track any code changes they make so they can easily revert any changes they made.

GitHub also allows programmers from all around the world to collaborate and make the project a developer has started better as a collective group.

Ok with that out the way let’s look at how Github can help IPTV and why both these names go together.

Why Use Github For IPTV?

GitHub can be a great source of coding projects that are geared around IPTV and can help the end user with many projects made for IPTV to make IPTV tasks much simpler.

These code projects can involve m3u splitters which can help you quickly split your IPTV provider’s M3U file into categories as well as open-source IPTV apps you can use on Android or your Windows PC.

But the fun doesn’t stop there as there is another reason many use IPTV GitHub repositories and this is for free channels you can potentially find there.


Github IPTV Channels

Now if you search around Github you can come across many free IPTV channels, we won’t say it is better than using an IPTV provider such as Strong IPTV or another IPTV supplier but if your provider happens to not have a channel you are after Github can be a ok source to find that missing channel to add to your IPTV subscription.

Can You Get IPTV For Free With Github?

Yes, it’s possible you can get free IPTV links from there but they won’t be the best quality and some may not work at all as mentioned above you are always better off choosing to use a premium IPTV provider when it comes to watching IPTV.

But you can download M3U playlists with Github and test them out to see which ones work and which don’t work.

What Is Similar To IPTV Github?

Well, there are not so many cloud-based coding services that are similar to Github when it comes to IPTV projects you can download and use.

If you are searching for free IPTV links and M3U playlists then you can also search on IPTV GitHub Reddit for this.

How To Access IPTV Github

You will need to head over to GitHub and then in the search box search for IPTV.

iptv github

Now you will see all the repositories with IPTV in (currently over 16,300+ results).

Then you can use the sort by tab and sort them to your preferences and look through all the different IPTV projects, channels, and apps that are posted on GitHub.

What Are the Best IPTV GitHub Repositories

We have put together a list of some of the best IPTV Github repositories currently available in the IPTV Github repositories.

1. iptv-org 

This offers some free channels you can use with your favorite IPTV player app


2. Tvlist-awesome-m3u-m3u8

Another M3U playlist that you can download can include free IPTV channels to watch.


3. Awesome IPTV

This is a large curated list of all the different IPTV apps and projects that are listed on GitHub you can take a look at.

awesome iptv github

4. TVHeadend

TVHeadend is a software that is similar to Plex where you can host on a local server and record live TV channels on and live stream from.

tvheadend github

5. IPTV M3U Maker

This is another M3U playlist where you can find working and nonworking IPTV streams on.

iptv cult maker github

6. Free IPTV

This repository will include all free live streams from around the world in one M3U. So your free-to-air (FTA) type channels which can be found on places such as Redbox TV and YouTube Live for free.

free tv iptv github


We have covered everything you need to know about IPTV Github and what you can do with it so make sure to play around with all the different channels, coding projects, and free IPTV apps which GitHub offers.


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