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As you know Kodi has been around for a good while, actually, it has been around since June 2004 but didn’t hit the spotlight until around the year 2014 and has grown by leaps and bounds since then due to the ease of use and the thousands of third-party apps you can install on it.

But today we answer the simple question such as Is Kodi legal? Should I use Kodi? Does Kodi still work?

The above questions we seem to see a lot when it comes to Kodi so we will give you the low down on all these Kodi questions.

What Is Kodi

First, if you have never heard of Kodi before or you have, but are not sure what it is exactly well its a media player that does a great job at playing local media content you may have stored on your pc/laptop or even on an external USB drive or NAS drive (Network Attached Storage).

Please note: Nowadays IPTV is far superior to Kodi and has surpassed it easily over the last 5 years so now it’s always best to have an IPTV subscription from quality IPTV providers such as ourselves you can see our IPTV deals here and be sure to get the best in IPTV and more.

The Kodi media player will play any type of media file you have from,  

  • AVI
  • MPEG
  • WMV
  • ASF
  • FLV
  • MKV/MKA (Matroska)
  • QuickTime
  • MP4
  • M4A
  • AAC
  • NUT
  • Ogg
  • OGM
  • RealMedia RAM/RM/RV/RA/RMVB
  • 3gp
  • VIVO
  • PVA
  • NUV
  • NSV
  • NSA
  • FLI
  • FLC
  • DVR-MS
  • WTV
  • TRP
  • F4V

Yes, that’s a big list of video file formats Kodi can play, and that’s not included all other media video formats from MP3, etc.

But Kodi is infamously known for allowing you to add thousands upon thousands of third-party apps that allow you to watch a host of things from Live Sports, IPTV, the Latest Movies, Music, and plenty more.

This is what you may have heard Kodi being used for or if you have ever seen anyone selling a Kodi stick or a Fully loaded Kodi box this is what they are referring to a device that has all the third party Kodi add-ons all set up so you can just plug, play and watch.

But with that being said it’s time to get into the main part of this article on whether or not Kodi is legal or even dangerous to use.

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Is Kodi Legal? 

With the amount of information, you may see on Kodi from the news or online communities you would think it would be bad to use Kodi but Kodi is actually legal to use and have on your devices.

After as mentioned above all Kodi is, is a good media player by itself. But where things start to go a little left is when you modify Kodi by adding 3rd party addons and apps to it that are not made by the Kodi developers. 

When you first download and install Kodi you do not have anything that is copyright infringing on your device as it’s just Kodi so you can use it all day as long as it’s your media content you are playing using Kodi.

But if you have loaded in many third-party apps that show the latest movies and live sports this can be a gray area due to you not owning the media content yourself.

To answer another question we get asked on should I use Kodi? The answer to this is yes it’s totally fine to use just be aware if you plan to add third-party Kodi plugins to your device if they are not from the official Kodi repository. 

We would recommend when it comes to using 3rd party addons or apps in Kodi that you always use a VPN to mask your real IP address to avoid any issues down the line from your ISP (internet service provider) sending out letters saying you have been watching copyrighted content etc.

But you may be wondering well what countries are Kodi not legal in.

Is Kodi Legal To Use In United States

Well the answer to this is above that yes Kodi is legal anywhere even in the USA but if you plan to add on third-party add-ons this can land you in trouble should anyone manage to get your IP address.

The laws around Kodi in the USA are not very clear but there have been instances where internet providers have sent our letters and emails to any users who have been watching copyright content on Kodi but this only has happened a handful of times nothing to fret about but this is why it’s always best to use a Kodi VPN.

When it comes to copyrighted content you as the end-user are not really committing any offense because you are just at the receiving end but normally the person, persons, or company who are the distributor of the Kodi content such as the latest cinema movies, live sports, music they can sometimes have issues depending on what content is infringing and what content isn’t.

Is Kodi Legal In UK or Europe?

This is the same as the USA in that it is not illegal to download, install and use Kodi but it may become a gray area when you decided to start adding third-party addons and apps into Kodi.

When it comes to the UK and Europe some laws can be stricter for anyone found distributing the actual copyrighted content or selling the fully loaded Kodi boxes they can be fined or even go to prison depending on an array of different factors.

But again selling the boxes with Kodi installed is not a problem it just can be a problem if the boxes are sold with all the third-party addons installed which may allow a user to watch content they don’t own.

How To Stream Kodi Safe In 2021

So if you are looking to use Kodi and really open it up with unlimited potential by using third party add-ons and apps to stay safe when streaming you will 100% need to be using a VPN but a good VPN such as the one below which is made for Kodi and will work best with securing you and your bandwidth data from prying eyes.

ip vanish offer

This will stop your ISP and Government from being able to track your IP address and have letters sent to your home asking you to stop watching pirated content or they may terminate your internet subscription with them.

Again this happens very little but it is still always best to use a Kodi VPN to stay safe and secure when streaming movies, live sports, and IPTV on Kodi.

Is The Kodi App Legal

Yes, you are fine to download the Kodi app and you will find it on all smartphone app stores such as the Google Play Store and even on the Microsoft store for both PC, Laptop, Tablets, and Xbox’s.

So this proves the app is legal but for some reason, Apple does not have it on their iOS app store this is most likely due to Apple wanting to keep a closed source firmware as opposed to the open-source operating system of Android this helps keep the apple iOS software secure and locked down to avoid any exploits, viruses, and malware from being made for their apple devices.


So there it is Kodi IS legal to download and use but as long as you only download addons from the official Kodi repository or watch your own media you own.

If you start to step into the world of third-party plugins then this is fine but be sure to use a VPN and this will stop any potential issues you can run into in the future.

We hope you enjoyed our article on is Kodi legal and should you use it, be sure to give this a share.


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