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Have you been sat using Kodi and all was fine the night before but you try to watch now and it seems nothing will work or things are freezing or movies are buffering well for whatever issue you have our guide on Kodi not working in 2021 will fix all your problems.

This guide will also work for any type of device you are using Kodi on such as a firestick, fire tv, Windows, Android tv box, Nvidia Sheild, MacOS, Smartphones, and even Linux based devices.

We know what it’s like to have issues with Kodi crashing or refusing to play movie and TV shows and even the menu freezing and crashing this can be very frustrating and this is why some people decide to never use Kodi again but by following this guide you will be able to tweak Kodi to run very well.

Please note: We always recommend using an IPTV provider such as ourselves when you want the best live streams and movies as everything just works at all times but Kodi can be a nice add-on to any IPTV subscription you have.

Why Is Kodi Not Working

Well, there can be many reasons which we will dif into each reason why Kodi is not working so you can have a better idea of what your problem is then we will provide a solution for each problem as well.

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Too Many Add-ons

This is not that common but if you are using a low storage type device such as an amazon firestick which has very limited space you may find adding just a few Kodi addons can fill up the whole storage memory on your firestick etc and this will cause so many issues and especially inside of Kodi.

Using A Old Version Of Kodi

This is one of the most common reasons why Kodi is not working or running correctly and it is you are still stuck on an older version of Kodi which can have bugs and other issues which can stop Kodi from performing at its optimal.

See our guide on such as ourselves so you can make sure you are on the latest version of Kodi and get no issues.

Internet Provider Is Throttling The Bandwith (ISP Throttling)

Not many people know about this but sometimes in busy times, your internet provider can set throttle limits on your broadband meaning they can slow it down which can cause freezing when watching Movies and TV shows or streaming IPTV.

The fix for this is to use a VPN when you are watching any type of streaming that is related to Kodi and IPTV and we have already reviewed the best streaming VPN to use with a big discount as well so its always best to use a VPN such as those we have just mentioned.

Kodi Cache Needs Clearing

When you have been using Kodi for a considerable amount of time Kodi stores little bits of data such as thumbnails covers, icons, and other small files in its cache. 

Over time the cache can grow so it’s always good to delete the cache once a week or 2 otherwise this will cause Kodi to crash or give you buffering issues while you are trying to watch a movie or TV Show.

Ok so now you know the Problems which can cause Kodi to not work and crash or have buffering issues let’s take a look at the solutions to Kodi not working.

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Kodi Crashing And Buffering Solutions

After knowing what the problems are with Kodi’s crashes and buffering it’s time to see what the solutions are to the above problems.

Clear Kodi Data And Cache

As we mentioned above when using Kodi it can store data in the cache but the cache can sometimes overfill making Kodi sluggish or crash. So follow the below steps to clear the Kodi cache and data.

The example below is for an amazon firestick but the same method will work with android and windows when you find your actual Kodi application settings on your device.

  1. Press home button to get to the Firesticks home screen
  2. Now go into Settings
  3. Select Applications
  4. Click into “Managed Installed applications”
  5. Now find Kodi application and click on it
  6. Now choose Clear Cache and press OK
  7. Then choose Clear Data and press OK

Once you have followed the steps above press the home button to get back to the Amazon home screen then launch the Kodi app.

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This should have resolved most Kodi issues you were having if not then move on to the next step in resolving your Kodi not working problems.

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes on certain android based devices having hardware acceleration turned ON can be causing issues with Kodi so if you have tried the above solution and it didn’t work then proceed to do the following:

  1. From the Kodi Home Screen choose the settings cog
  2. The select Player
  3. Now make sure the bottom setting in the menu is set to “Advanced” or “Expert” and not “Basic”
  4. Now go up to Videos and find “Allow hardware acceleration” and make sure you turn it OFF

Now you have done the above and turned off hardware acceleration inside your Kodi you will need to restart Kodi to get it to apply the changes you just made.

After Kodi has restarted go to an Add-on you were having issues with and try to play a movie or tv show and see if you are now getting the same issues before with Kodi buffering or stuttering. If it’s still the same move on to the next solution.

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Update Kodi To The Latest Version

This is the final solution to try if both the above ones have not resolved your problem. Updating Kodi will give you a clean slate to work off and also have many bug fixes and security loopholes fixed.

The latest Kodi is Kodi 19 Matrix which has just recently been released so it’s best to use this version of Kodi now for the best in performance and security. 


Check What Version Your Kodi Is

  1. From the Kodi home screen choose the settings cog
  2. Now enter System
  3. Choose System Information
  4. Now you will see under Version Info what Kodi version you are on

If you find out you are not on Kodi 19 or above it’s time to update Kodi which we have a great guide on How to update Kodi HERE you can follow and easily update your Kodi no matter what device you are using.

Make Sure Kodi Has A Internet Connection

Sometimes you may not even realize but your internet can also be down while you are browsing through Kodi but the easy way to check this is to make sure you are on your smartphone and see if you have internet by using your Wifi only.

But there is more to this issue as sometimes you can have a device such as a firestick and over 2 years it can start to become much weaker with its wifi antenna the same way your battery on your smartphones gets far weaker 2 years on.

So we advise you to check you do not have a weak wifi signal you can check in the settings of your Device and then make sure there is nothing interfering with your wifi signal between your wireless router and the device.

We would also strongly recommend to always use an ethernet cable when using Kodi and other streaming-related things such as IPTV and even Netflix as this will give you the best quality and speed.

If you are using Wifi and do have an ethernet port on your device then use that as a test to rule it out being an issue with your wireless router.

Kodi Build Or Addon Not working Correctly

Sometimes you may need to update the actual build or addon itself to resolve the problems you are facing. Normally you will find if you are using a Build and most of the addons stop working it will be the Build needs updating.

If you are using a build and just a single addon is not working the build will be fine but you will need to update the Kodi addon which is causing you issues.

With builds and plugins they can be shut down or the developer stops working on them this is why IPTV is far superior to anything you can get with Kodi so we would always recommend an IPTV Provider like us Strong IPTV first before you use Kodi.

Anyway getting back on topic if you need to update the single Kodi addon which you seem to be having problems with, follow the below:

How To Update Kodi Addon

  1. From the Kodi home screen go down to Add-ons
  2. Then go into My add-ons
  3. Then select the icon called All
  4. Now find the problematic add-on and click OK on it
  5. Now along the bottom icons, you will see Update so click on update
  6. Now after a few minutes, you will see a notification appear which says the add-on has been updated

Once you have followed the above you can go back to Kodi’s main interface and then select the add-on which you were having trouble with and check if it all works fine now.

If the app doesn’t work after an update it could be an app that has been taken down due to copyright issues or the developer has left the Kodi scene and no more updates to fix the addon anymore.

Stop Kodi From Buffering

This could be the most common complaint about Kodi when we see forums and Reddit about Kodi-related things. We always see about Kodi buffering well one of the main issues for most people.

Well first you must make sure you have an ok internet speed we would say anything above 10Mbps is good but if not above 5Mbps is good as long as no one else is using your network for heavy bandwidth taxing things such as online gaming or watching movies.

You can run a broadband speed test and you want to see your download speed to be well over what we mentioned ideally.

If you are getting fast results with your broadband speed then the next issue that can cause buffering is also the links you use when choosing to watch a live stream, movie, or tv show. 

You can sometimes get an issue where a lot of people use the same link to watch the live stream or movies that you watch and this can cause a bottleneck on the bandwidth which can really slow down the movie or live tv stream from the other end.

We recommend IPTV for this from an IPTV provider so you don’t have any issues with buffering and heavy server loads.

But another option is to use something called Real Debrid which will give you the best premium links to use and give you a better chance with the live streams and movies you are watching.

Reset Kodi Back To Default Settings

The final solution for Kodi not working of crashing, buffering or any other issue is to reset Kodi back to its default settings.

To factory reset Kodi back to its default settings so it’s clean again you will need to use Ares Wizard for this because Kodi doesn’t natively support factory resets back to default settings.

There are a few ways you can fresh reset Kodi you can use builds such as Xanax, Digz, Xenon, No limits, or even a specific add-on made for resetting Kodi called the fresh start addon.

But if you have followed the previous guides we have you may already have Ares Wizard installed so this is the best Kodi addon to use to reset Kodi.

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The only negative with factory resetting Kodi is you will lose all your Add-ons, skins, builds, and all settings will be back to default. But this is a good method if all else has failed above to fix your nonworking Kodi.


Kodi is a very good multi-device platform that has so many moving parts when you start adding in 3rd party apps and use it a lot. So you will need to give it the care it deserves with frequent updates and frequent cache & temp files removals to keep Kodi running as you expect.

This Kodi not working guide will also work with all different devices too, well anything that you have Kodi installed on.

We hope you enjoyed our guide and it has helped you fix any Kodi issues you were having if it has been sure to give this guide a share.


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