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MXL IPTV is a great free streaming app giving you access to free live IPTV streams and thousands of movies that can be watched on an android based device or a Windows PC.

Make sure you get the best IPTV for the MXL IPTV app. We offer the best IPTV service around with the most channels and movies.

You will learn in this guide how to Download MXL IPTV for a Windows-based PC or Laptop.

download mxl iptv for pc

What Version Of Windows Does MXL IPTV Work On

You will be able to download and install MXL IPTV on any of these versions of Windows:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

How To Download And Install MXL IPTV On Your PC

With this application being a native Android-based app you will need to use an android emulator to be able to run this app once you have downloaded it.

Bluestacks is one of the best Windows Android emulators and its operating system being based on a Windows or Macbook can run faster than the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones making this a great way to run Android applications and games.

Steps To Download And Install MXL IPTV

  1. Download Bluestacks 5 (or later) on your PC or Macbook from HERE
  2. Once Bluestacks has Downloaded proceed to install it
  3. Launch Bluestacks and log in using a Google account
  4. Now download both the MXL TV app and the MXL Movies app from HERE to your PC
  5. Click on each MXL icon and scroll down to “Download it now” and click on it
  6. Choose “Android TV Firestick/MiBox” (Unless you are installing the 2 apps on your Smartphone”
  7. Drag the 2 downloaded APK files into Bluestacks to send the files to Bluestacks
  8. These apps will now of installed into Bluestacks

That’s it you have installed MXL IPTV player on your Windows-based PC the next steps we will show you how to set up MXL IPTV with your IPTV provider M3U URL.

inside mxl iptv player apk

How To Setup MXL IPTV

Once you have the MXL IPTV player installed inside bluestacks or your android based device you will need to open the app and follow the below steps:

  1. Once MXL IPTV is open add in your IPTV Providers M3U URL (You would have got this in your welcome email)
  2. Now click “Save M3U List
  3. You will now see all your IPTV provider’s categories and channels
  4. Click on a live IPTV stream and choose to watch using the internal player (recommendation)
  5. Now the IPTV stream will start to play
adding M3u to mxl iptv

Another bonus with the MXL IPTV app is if you installed the MXL Movie app which you should have done from the previous steps is you can now go to the Movies or Series section of the app and it will open the MXL Movie app.

See How To Install IPTV On Your PC

The MXL Movie app will give you access to thousands of Movies and TV Series where you can watch the latest blockbuster movie and more.

mxl iptv for pc

Make Sure You Use A VPN For The Movies & TV Series Section

Due to the Movies and TV show section being free to use we highly recommend you use a VPN to protect your IP address and privacy.

Notice: You can use this VPN by clicking on the button below as it’s the best one for IPTV and Free movie-related applications and websites.

Final Thoughts 

MXL IPTV and MXL Movies are both 2 great apps to download and install on your PC, Laptop, or Android-based Smartphone.

MXL IPTV player has a nice user interface and is smooth to use unlike some other IPTV players on the market right now.


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