Do You Need A TV Licence To Watch Netflix

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With inflation rising around the world and especially in the UK you may be trying to cut down on the costs of different entertainment devices in your household and one of them can be cutting the cord to lower your satellite or cable bills but another can be looking to cut your TV lincence.

In this article we will be asking everything you need to know about having a TV lincence and if you need one for watching Netflix or not.

Do You Need A TV Licence To Watch Netflix?

The answer is NO, you do not need a TV licence when you watch Netflix in the UK.

You actually don’t need a TV lincence for anything which has on-demand catch-up content on it so streaming services such as:

Different Streaming Services A TV Licence Is Not Needed For

  • Netflix
  • Disney Plus
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Britbox
  • ITV Hub
  • Now TV
  • Channel 4 All 4
  • Apple TV+
  • And Many More
Different Streaming Services A TV Licence Is Not Needed For

The BBC terms and conditions have claimed that you only need a TV licence when it comes to watching live TV and broadcasting which shows live TV such as their own BBC iPlayer.

So if you have already decided to cut the cord and get rid of your old satellite and cable boxes and subscriptions then as long as you are only watching catch-up TV (pre-recorded shows) you do not need a TV licence and can cut it out of your yearly expense budget.

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How To Cancel Your TV Licence In The UK

How To Cancel Your TV Licence In The UK

So you have read the above and are clear on everything and punched the air knowing your be saving without having to pay for a TV licence every year, so it’s time to look at how you can cancel your TV licence.

First, you will need to head over to the official TV Licecing website and fill out a request form. Once your request has been approved your TV licence will be canceled and you will be automatically refunded any time left on your licence.

Then after doing the above, you will then need to fill out the (no licence needed) declaration form on the official TV Licensing website which will stop you from needing a TV licence going forward.

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Now that’s it, you have easily canceled your TV licence and maybe got a refund on time left as well as told the TV licencing company that you do not need licencing anymore.

What Happens If I Cancel The TV Licence But Have Live TV Broadcasting In The Household

After you have cancelled your TV licence sometimes you can get a visit from the TV licencing enquiry officer to check that you are not watching live broadcasts in your household.

It has previously been said around 1 in 5 households are watching TV but need a TV licence and if you are found without a TV licence you can be fined up to 1000GBP.

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Do I Have To Let A TV Licencing Enquiry Officer In My House

No, they hold no legal power for them to come inside your home for this they would need to have a search warrant from a magistrate’s court for them to enter your house or a sheriff if you’re based in Scotland.

Do I Have To Let A TV Licencing Enquiry Officer In My House

By law, they can only tell you who they are and who they work for but they are not by law permitted to enter your home.

If you choose to refuse them entry to your house which you can legally do they may then look to seek a warrant from the courts or use detection equipment to see if you are watching live broadcasts on your TV/TV’s.

What Other Checks Do The TV Licence Company Make

Apart from sending enquiry officers to your home to check they can also send you notices on their owned BBC iPlayer which will alert you that you must purchase a TV licence or risk getting a fine.

What Happens If You Have A TV In Your Home But Dont Use It

If you don’t watch TV and live broadcasts or BBC iPlayer in your household you don’t need to have a TV licence. This is the same with services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple+, etc.

So even if you have cable, satellite, or aerial cables routed from outside your home inside don’t worry as this won’t affect you needing a TV licence if you’re not actively watching any live broadcasts.

How Much Money Does A TV Licence Cost

Currently, the price of a TV licence for a color TV is £159 per year as of January 2024.

If you have a black and white TV a licence costs £53.50 per year.

From April 1st 2024 the TV licence fees will increase to the below:

  • £169.50 a year for color TV’s
  • £57 a year for black and white TV’s

There are a few loopholes where you can get a TV licence cheaper and you can see the Telegraph’s article on BBC TV Licence Loopholes – How To Pay Less to get a lower priced TV licence.

The Estimated TV Licence Evasion Rates UK

See the graph below to see the estimated TV licence evasion rates in the UK as of late 2023.

estimated tv licence evasion rates uk


We have covered everything you need to know about needing a TV licence for Netflix and other streaming services you may use as well as how much a BBC TV licence costs as well as what you should do if you visit by a TV licencing enquiry enforcer.

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