How To Pair The Firestick Remote To TV Volume

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The Amazon firestick remote is arguably one of the best home entertainment remote controls out there with its slick-looking design and great feel. 

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The second generation firestick remote got very interesting with the addition of TV volume buttons allowing you to control your TV’s volume and even allowing you to turn off the TV with the remote power button.

In this guide on how to pair the firestick remote to the TV volume, we will cover all you need to know in getting your TV talking to your firesticks remote.

Benefit Of Pairing The Firesticks Remote To The TV Volume

The main benefit is that you can put your TV remote in the drawer and never use it again. 

You can use your firestick remote to control both the TV and Amazon device which is always more helpful than having 2 remote controls laying around your room.

Since the Amazon firestick 4K came out a technology called High-Definition Multimedia Interface-Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI-CEC) allowed you to simply plug your firestick into the CEC-enabled port which should automatically get your firestick remote synced up to your TV volume and TVs power without any messing around.

How To Pair The Firestick Remote To Your TVs Volume

Normally once you have initially paired your firestick remote to your TV when you first set up your firestick device normally the firestick will automatically grab the settings and start working right away to control the TV’s volume.

If the above is not the case and your volume and power buttons are not working then you will need to follow the below to get everything working as it should.

  1. Press the home button to go to the main home screen
  2. Then go into Settings 
  3. Now find the icon called Equipment Control and click on it
  4. Then select TV and then you will be asked what brand your TV is
  5. Choose whatever brand your TV (Quick tip: If you don’t find the make of your TV in the list then type in the model number of your TV in Google)
  6. Once you have selected your television brand you will be asked to turn the TV off with the remotes power button
  7. You will need to wait 10 seconds then press the power button to turn the TV back on
  8. A prompt will appear asking “Did your TV turn off and back on when you press the power button” Choose Yes
  9. Now test the volume buttons on the remote and you will hear music being played
  10. If you can hear the music by turning up the volume choose “Yes” or if nothing happens then “No”

Once you have followed the above steps you can also set up the remote to use the fast forward button on your remote to control the different HDMI input sources on your TV which is a big help in not needing the actual TV remote when you need to change source.

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If the above did not work then relax and dust yourself off and try again as it can take at least 3 attempts to get the firestick all synced up to your TV.

Use Alexa To Control The TVs Volume

Any firestick which has the volume buttons built-in will also have an Alexa button at the top of the remote which has a microphone icon on the button itself.

You can simply press and hold this Alexa button and then say “turn the volume up” or “turn the volume down” and your TV volume will increase or decrease by using your voice.

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Alternatively, if you have an Amazon Echo in the room you can also say “Alexa, turn the volume up” and your TV volume will be increased by talking to your Amazon Echo device.

Resolving Any Problems With The Volume Buttons On The Firestick Remote

If you have followed this article and you still can’t get the firesticks volume button to work with your TV then you can try the following troubleshooting steps.

  • Make sure nothing is blocking the IR signal between your TV and firestick remote line of sight.
  • Check the battery level of the firestick remote by going into the settings on your firestick remote or try new batteries as a test.
  • Plug your Amazon firestick in the CEC HDMI port on your TV if you have one.

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What Is A CEC HDMI Port?

If you own a newer type of TV then the HEMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) port will be labeled as HDMI-CEC and this port will allow you to control your TV with whatever devices remote you have plugged into this HDMI port.

Can I Use A First Generation Firestick Remote To Control The TVs Volume?

No, you will not be able to use the first generation firestick remote control to control the volume or power of your television

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has given you the know-how to control your TV volume using your firestick remote and control the power of your TV as well.

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