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You may have seen Paramount TV before on other television networks or even used the Paramount Plus app and are looking to find the channel on your Dish Network subscription.

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What Channel Number Is Paramount TV On Dish?

You will find Paramount TV on channel number 241 on your Dish Network satellite box.

You can also enjoy the Paramount TV channel using the Dish Anywhere service which runs as a streamable app on many different devices such as firesticks and android devices.

History Of Paramount TV

Paramount TV channel is one of the popular USA channels which was formally called Spike.

Originally the channel was more geared towards the male demographic but throughout the years after the rebranding, they have aimed to make a more neutral demographic platform.

They now show TV shows from categories such as Kids and family to make the channel more well-rounded for all audiences.

The best way to enjoy the Paramount TV channel is by using IPTV or if you have a current subscription with Dish TV you can also watch it using their platform.

Prices Of Dish Network For Paramount

We have covered the different pricing levels that Dish Network offers below. To be able to receive Paramount you will need to choose the lowest package called America’s Top 120 with Dish TV.

  • AMERICA’S TOP 120 – $69.99 per month
  • AMERICA’S TOP 120+ – $84.99 per month
  • AMERICA’S TOP 200 – $94.99 per month
  • AMERICA’S TOP 250 – $104.99 per month

With any of the above packages, you will be able to watch Paramount TV on your Dish TV box.

How To Stream Paramount Plus?

Paramount network has its own app you can put on many different devices such as firesticks, Smart TVs, Androids, and much more.

The app you need is called Paramount Plus (Paramount+) you can head over to the official website Paramount and download their app for your device then simply log in using your Paramount username and password.

We have made an article on how to install paramount plus on an Xbox (All models of Xbox)

Also, be sure to check out the guide on how to watch and stream Paramount Plus on a PS5 or PS4.

Does Paramount Offer A Free Trial?

Unfortunately Paramount does not offer any free trials with their service.

But you can get some very good deals with Dish TV and watch paramount this way for lower prices or choose to use an IPTV provider and enjoy far more content as well as VOD content.

The Best TV Shows On Paramount Plus

You can find some classic TV shows that run on paramount TV channels such as:

  • Mom.
  • Two and a half men.
  • The fresh prince of Bel-Air.
  • Yellowstone and paradise lost.

See How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Firestick.

Paramount On Dish Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Watch Paramount TV Remotely Using Dish?

Yes, you will be able to access your Dish TV using Dish Anywhere from any country you are based in and be able to watch Paramount TV using Dish Anywhere.

Please note: You may need to use a VPN when outside of the USA to watch Dish Anywhere we recommend THIS VPN and save a cool 82% OFF.

Can You Record The Paramount TV Channel?

Yes, you can record Paramount TV using your Dish box under the Dish Hopper service Dish Network runs.

Final Thoughts

We have covered how to watch Paramount TV on Dish so you can easily get watching some of the best TV shows and more.

Paramount TV is a great channel and can be put on many different devices they also have a great customer support team to help you with any problems you could face.


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