How To Setup A New Amazon Firestick

How To Setup A New Amazon Firestick

So you have just heard your doorbell go and you have rushed to the door to accept one of the best and easiest IPTV devices to use and your hands are shaking to plug this bad boy in and see what it can do. Well, we have put together this guide for anyone wanting to know how to set up an amazon firestick and get the best out of it without having to search around the internet to do this.

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Ok, what you need to do is plug the firestick in your TV and power it up then you will be met with a screen that says to pair your remote with the firestick so you just need to hold the home button on the remote for roughly 10 seconds then the screen will change.

Now it will ask you to set up language etc these parts are very easy and basic to go through so you shouldn’t have any issues you may see a screen that says Continue without power adapter don’t worry about this press ok it just means if you are powering the firestick straight from your TV it may get less power but this is fine most of the time the stick will still perform great.

Now its just some basic steps again like connecting the firestick to your Wi-Fi network then logging in to your Amazon account if you have one if not just set an account up through the firestick.

The next screen will be a short video around 1 minute explaining what you can do with the firestick etc then after the video you will see parental controls which sets up a pin so any kids can’t watch videos or buy videos using your Amazon account, you can choose to set it up or not that’s down to your preference.

Now you will see a screen that tells you some more information on “Alexa” which is the voice recognition A.I so its same as what Siri is on Apple devices if you read some of the info you can see what Alexa can do.


How To Get IPTV On My Firestick And Install The Correct Apps

Once you have set up your Amazon device you can install the basic apps such as YouTube, Sports apps, news app etc but we want to go further than that and install the best apps which will bring us the best out of the firestick or fire tv.

The first thing to do is to make sure you get your IPTV service sorted out so you can watch any channel you can dream of and all movies and tv shows. We recommending getting the best iptv HERE which has over 10,000+ great quality channels and much more for a great cost per month.


Now once you have purchased an iptv subscription you will want to install an IPTV app to watch it on so we have put together a guide on how to install smart iptv on your firestick so you can follow the guide and install smart iptv which happens to be the best app just edging out the next best app perfect player.


How To Watch Any Movie For Free Using A Firestick

Now with an IPTV package, you will get thousands of movies and tv shows you can watch anyway on demand which should keep you happy but if you want to go the full monty you can get an app called Cinema HD which works like a free Netflix and gives you all the movies and TV shows you could dream of and is very easy to use and fluid in design and also feels like you are navigating around the Netflix interface so it’s very nicely designed.

To get CinemaHD you can follow our tutorial here which shows you the easy process of installing the Netflix type app which will give you everything for free which you can’t beat as it all works as well unlike other apps (like Kodi) *cough *cough.

So there it is how to set up your amazon firestick in a nutshell with the best IPTV and movie apps you need. We hope you enjoyed it and give us a share to help other fellow firestick users get the best from their firestick and more.

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