How To Stop Your ISP From Blocking IPTV

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If you have been using IPTV services for a while you may already know the methods to prevent your internet service provider (ISP) from blocking you but if you’re new to IPTV we will be explaining how to stop them from blocking your IPTV access and why it happens.

unblock iptv streams

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Sometimes you may have a broadband service provider who claims to block IPTV but when you go with an IPTV provider you don’t seem blocked, but this is now becoming rare and is mainly only with smaller IPTV providers which are not always the best solution due to low server quality and number of channels they provide.

In 2024 not only is it the United Kingdom that suffers from internet providers blocking access to IPTV streaming it’s also many European countries now and also the USA, so it’s best to read everything below so you can fix this problem.

The reason your IPTV gets blocked by the ISPs we mentioned below is when there is a football (soccer) game on or other highly watched sports and even TV shows now as well as PPV events your internet provider will block you from accessing your IPTV provider’s server.

A quick fix if you don’t want to read the below and you are being blocked is to buy this VPN by clicking the button below which will then fix all your issues and just keep it always turned on, on your IPTV device.

Also with the VPN above once you click the button you will save up to 75% OFF as well have the best VPN for IPTV and unblocking as well as you will be able to add it on up to 5 devices you own simultaneously if needed.

using a vpn to bypass isp blocking

Which Internet Service Providers (ISP) Block IPTV When Live Football Is On?

There are currently 7 internet providers (ISPs) who are currently blocking many of the IPTV providers around the UK and these are:

  • Sky
  • Virgin Media
  • BT
  • TalkTalk
  • EE
  • Vodaphone
  • Plusnet

If you are with one of these internet providers then you will most likely get the ISP block.

There are normally 2 ways to get your IPTV working again the first way is the most common way which is to use a VPN and the second way is some very small IPTV providers may use Cloudflare as they have a small number of users so this will stop any ISP blocks on your IPTV providers side.

The issue with your IPTV provider using Cloudflare is when they have many IPTV users all pulling through the same proxy it will cause many freezes and stutters which is not ideal when it comes to your IPTV viewing.

But we will jump into these 2 methods to unblock your IPTV when live sports are on in more detail soon.


Another tip is to join a not known internet provider (ISP) in the UK but they might still block in the future or simply just affiliate for one of the big 7 internet providers so that’s why we quickly mention this way as it’s not better than just getting VPN such as PureVPN.

The Solution To Fix ISP IPTV Blocking

purevpn to avoid isp block

You will need to use a good VPN on your IPTV device such as the one below (you can click to open) and make sure you keep the VPN turned on while you watch IPTV and this will stop any IPTV blocks by your internet provider.

Not only will this help with unblocking your IPTV but it will stop your internet provider from doing what is called “bandwidth throttling“.

isp bandwidth throttling

Use A VPN To Stop Your Internet Provider (ISP) Blocking Your IPTV

As mentioned above every year more and more people are just using a VPN to permanently get around this issue. If you live outside the UK and have IPTV you do not have to worry about any ISP blocks as they are only with “the big 7 internet providers in the UK”

So as the years have gone on since there have been ISP blocks which have been from around the year 2019 many IPTV users have just opted to get a VPN provider on top of having IPTV to make sure they don’t lose access to football matches when they are played live.

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The best VPN to go with for this IPTV block is IP Varnish as they have the fastest VPN servers located in many countries around the world and have their own Firestick and Android based app you can use easily.

You can also click on the button below and you will save up to a MASSIVE 75% OFF this VPN.

Once you have purchased a VPN you simply need to just add it to your Firestick, android device, or Apple device from the app store on any of these devices, choose a VPN country, and then go back to your IPTV then it will all work normally.

best vpn to use for isp blocking iptv

We have made a easy to follow article on How To Download And Install PureVPN On A Firestick so you can quickly get this set up and unblock the ISP IPTV block.

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How To Check If ISP Is Blocking IPTV

If you think your ISP is blocking IPTV then you can check by downloading and installing an IPTV app on your iPhone or Android smartphone (make sure the phone is on 4G/5G) then enter your IPTV provider’s details in.

Once you have entered your IPTV details into your IPTV should work so this points to your ISP blocking the IPTV server your provider uses meaning you must use a VPN to fix this issue.

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What Exactly Is IPTV ISP Blocking?

ISP blocking is a method where your ISP (internet provider) has the power to block many different services from IPTV, websites, torrenting, and more.

How your ISP blocks access to these streaming services or websites is by using DNS tampering, IP blocks, or deep packet inspection.

Using An IPTV Provider Who Uses Cloudflare To Get Around The ISP Block

This used to be a good way if your IPTV provider is small and still works now but most of the little IPTV providers have left leaving some of the bigger providers such as ourselves and others to give you better IPTV services.

Also not only are the IPTV providers small who can normally get around the ISP block with Cloudflare you also run the risk of them not having enough customers and not affording the expensive IPTV expenses it costs to run IPTV and they just close down and run off with your money as you may have witnessed this before.

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Cloudflare is also noticing who are using their services to stream IPTV and are closing this down so this is why the number one fix for the IPTV block is to just use a VPN.

Also, the main disadvantage to this is you will get buffering and freezing so its not worth using a provider who uses this method it’s always best to get a cheap VPN that fixes everything.

The Advantages Of Using A VPN With IPTV

Apart from being able to watch all live sports, it the football where all your IPTV gets blocked if not using a VPN but the other advantage is to stop your internet provider (ISP) from bandwidth throttling.

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Not only is it the football that gets blocked but now some of the box office boxing and who knows soon maybe the golf and F1 so it’s time to get a VPN.

Wait, What? WTF is bandwidth throttling I hear you say. Well, bandwidth throttling is where during peak hours such as after 6 pm and on weekends your internet provider purposely slows down your internet due to a busy network.

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different servers to use with isp blocking with vpn

So they intentionally slow down your internet to avoid any network overheads from the users who stream a lot. This can be streaming IPTV, Netflix, Torrenting, and more.

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Once they bandwidth throttle in peak times this can cause many issues when it comes to streaming your favorite content such as IPTV, Netflix as this will cause freezing and buffering and many times a lot of the freezes you may get with your IPTV provider can be down to your internet service provider (ISP) from bandwidth throttling the network.

To get around this you can use a VPN and this stops any bandwidth throttling. You also have the addition of never getting any sports blocked when using a VPN. 

One last bonus with a VPN is you can use it across many devices you own and keep them secure and browse the web securely without any third parties knowing which sites you visit.

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A VPN also helps with torrenting and watching movies and TV shows online or on your Firestick. 

stopping internet provider blocking iptv

Can I Use A VPN On All My IPTV Devices

Yes with most Android-based devices such as Firesticks, fire TVs, Nvidia Sheild, and most smart TVs you can simply download the PureVPN app from your app store and enter your VPN username and password.


If you happen to be using a Zgemma box or a MAG box device you will need to upgrade to a Firestick which is better than these 2 devices put together due to everything else you can do with a Firestick and the best IPTV app TiviMate which looks far better then the mag box UI.

But yes you will need to change your IPTV device or simply ask your IPTV provider do they have a way to beat the IPTV block on these devices, most likely They do you can ask us and we are sure we have a way for those of you using mag boxes and zgemmas.

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But overall you will want to use a VPN as this will ensure you do not run into any IPTV problems with any of the IPTV providers out there.

You can also look to use a VPN router they are very good for you Mag Box and zgemma people if you don’t have a Firestick which by now you should.

To see more about getting a VPN router head over to Liberty Sheild and check their prices but for roughly the same price a firestick is far better.

If we could push every customer to get an Amazon Firestick we would as they are hands down the best IPTV devices due to the IPTV apps you get and also the thousand of other cool things a Firestick can do.

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isp blocking iptv services

The Best VPN For The IPTV Block

There are many VPN providers and services out there we have been lucky enough to test them all and PureVPN comes out as the best VPN for IPTV blocks due to its pricing, quality, and amount of VPN servers they have, and the great customer support team at hand.

The History Of The IPTV Block

Let’s keep this short, the premier league and football clubs decided to ban 3 pm kicks off’s showing on TV in the 60s which is called “THE 3PM BLACKOUT” as it stopped people from going to the games.

This was in the hope more people turned up to the football matches to watch them live in the stadium and helped with ticket sales and more.

Do you have IPTV Blocked Issues With Your Router?

As Satellite phrased out in came IPTV which is bigger, stronger, and faster as it covers all the world and no dishes are needed. But after a while of everything moving to IPTV a few years later, the premier league has stopped you from enjoying your favorite matches by blocking IPTV servers when the games are on. 

We answer the popular question Is IPTV Blocked In UK.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to IPTV you should always be using a VPN even if not needed as this will stop also stop any bandwidth throttling your ISP does as well as keep your privacy and IP details safe too.

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