How To Stop Plusnet From Blocking IPTV

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If you have just purchased an iptv subscription but have noticed that you cant log in to the service or non of the IPTV channels are working and your broadband internet is with Plusnet then we have the solution for you.

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Who Are Plusnet?

Plusnet is a parent company owned by BT based in the UK. Plusnet offers broadband deals for residents living within the UK and offers internet prices cheaper than BT.

The Plusnet broadband packages work off ADSL (landline) and offer landline packages as well as broadband packages.

How To Stop Plusnet From Blocking IPTV?

Due to Plusnet being a parent company of BT that actively block IPTV when either a football (soccer) game is on or PPV boxing, this means Plusnet follows in BT’s footsteps in also blocking IPTV providers when sports are on.

The only fix for this is to use a VPN which will permanently fix this problem and allow you to watch your IPTV service at all times regardless if there is a sports game on or not.

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Once you have installed the VPN on whatever IPTV device you are using this will unblock the IPTV while using Plusnet and allow you to enjoy interruption-free IPTV.

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Does A VPN Help With Stopping IPTV Blocks With Other Internet Providers?

Yes if you are based in the UK then it’s highly likely you have 1 of the 7 ISPs that block many IPTV providers when sports is on.

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What Else Does A VPN Help With When Using IPTV Services

A VPN is one of the best things to partner up with an IPTV subscription as a VPN will make sure your IPTV never gets blocked by your internet provider and it will also keep your IP address details secure when using any IPTV services.

Another bonus when it comes to using a VPN with IPTV is that you can also avoid getting bandwidth throttled by your internet provider.

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You may be saying “Bandwidth what????” but Bandwidth throttling is where your internet provider purposely slows down their network in busy peak periods of the day such as evenings and weekends.

When they do this then it can cause issues when it comes to streaming content such as IPTV, Netflix, and even YouTube as it can cause freezes and buffering which let’s face it, no one likes.

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Final Thoughts

In our how to stop plusnet from blocking IPTV guide we have shown you the best way to unblock the IPTV and get it all back working instantly and to permanently correct this plusnet IPTV problem.

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