The Rise Of Streaming 2023

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Streaming has come a long way since the early 2000s when the internet was using dial-up and not streaming was not very popular compared with satellite TV and free-to-air systems.

But fast forward to 2020 and streaming is in every home all across the globe and is making the traditional ways to watch TV and movies obsolete with its ability to easily pick any move or watch any live sporting event at the press of a finger meaning the older satellite system is being phased out.

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What Streaming Done To Blockbuster

If you remember a time before 2010 you may remember Blockbuster the biggest movie rental company with stores worldwide they were very successful and seemed untouchable from their very first store opening in 1985.

the fall of blockbuster

But as technology advanced from VHS to DVD there was something else advancing alongside the shift in technology and this was Streaming using media boxes that only needed an internet connection to be able to watch any movie you could dream of without leaving the comfort of your house.

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Bring in Netflix (we are sure you don’t need any introduction) they started up in 1997 and were quietly building up customers and moving alongside blockbuster in a very silent but deadly way.

As the new century (the millennium) came in it was clear to see that there were new ways to get movies off your computer with only a connection to the internet, if you knew how and also every household was improving with faster and faster internet being rolled out in most countries worldwide.

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Netflix The New King Of Movies

If you followed Blockbuster close through the first decade of the millennium you would have seen some warning signs in their profit and loss with Netflix coming on in leaps and bounds.

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rise of netflix

The year was 2010 with most households owning a personal computer and the new and improved Windows 7 just released which was the best operating system to date from 2009 things were looking bad for high street movie retail companies.

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With fast internet and easy access to new streaming websites and movie websites and apps such as Netflix that Blockbuster finally caved in and filed for bankruptcy.

This was a multibillion-dollar company over 30 years old but they decided not to go down the streaming path and laughed at the likes of Netflix who totally turned the table upside down if you look around today you can see Netflix everywhere on every device.

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The New Streaming Craze

In 2010 this is where streaming started taking over for the net 10 years there were new websites and apps every month with some of the smartest tech entrepreneurs making our life easier by bringing out the best streaming websites and apps to make sure we could access whatever content we needed at our convenience without having to mess around searching the high street for it.

We have talked a lot about movies above but streaming was not just exclusive to watching movies you could watch your favorite TV show on HBO’s app and streaming allowed you to connect with anyone across the world at any time this was something revolutionary.

Just some of the benefits streaming brought to us

  • Able to watch live concerts and indie concerts – Youtube Live
  • You can watch the words biggest events such as E3 – Youtube Live
  • No need for satellite systems and wires cluttering your house – Internet Television
  • Watch thousands of TV shows and movies on demand – Netflix
  • Group watch friends playing the latest console games – Twitch
youtube live

Will Streaming Ever Disappear Like Blockbuster

The answer to this is a big NO, streaming will never be phrased out not in our lifetime as there are so many companies who are still today rushing in to get their best content out to be streamed by their end-users.

Also, more than ever companies are using streaming to be able to hold live meetings from anywhere in the world to any other their employers based anywhere in the world think of the likes of Skype business.

Not only this you use the art of media streaming in most of everything you do online and we also use it to stay connected to loved ones when we use apps like Facebook messenger and WhatsApp to make video calls that fall under the umbrella of streaming.

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The streaming industry is set to be worth over $30.6 billion by the year 2023 so for the industry to ever fold you have more chance of sitting by your window and waiting for that ever-elusive pig to fly by.

IPTV The New Kid On The Block

Talking about streaming would not feel right after 2015 without mentioning IPTV which stands for Internet-based Protocol Television. But if this is the first time you have heard of it this is an industry on its own growing faster than most industries around.

new iptv

What is IPTV

First, let us give you a quick rundown of what IPTV is.

IPTV is based around streaming live TV that you would normally watch through a satellite/cable box or a TV aerial.

IPTV allows you to use any device you can think of to watch any TV channel from any country no matter what country you are in it’s as revolutionary as streaming itself but it’s still under the umbrella of streaming but one of the biggest children of streaming.

You probably have around 3 devices right now you are sitting around that can use IPTV without you knowing allowing you to watch live TV at a discount as no expensive or clunky equipment is needed like big satellite boxes or wires.

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What Devices Use IPTV

You will see every home entertainment device can use IPTV and even a smart TV which most households now own can use IPTV even smartphones to laptops can watch it.

Here is just a small list of some of the popular devices that use IPTV.

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Smart TV
  • Windows PC
  • Mac iOS
  • Android TV Box
  • Apple iPhones
  • Android smartphones
  • Roku TV Stick
  • and many more

Where Can I Buy IPTV

Now when it comes to IPTV you will need a subscription from a well known IPTV provider such as ourselves who offer services to all devices and offer many features on top of your subscription.

You can shop around and find other IPTV providers as well to suit your needs but a quick google search will also show you, good providers, to buy subscriptions from.

Streaming Conclusion

There you have it a history of Streaming and what you can do with one of the biggest industries around and growing year on year. We suggest you try out some of the apps we mentioned to get the best out of streaming such as HBO, Netflix, Disney+, Strong IPTV, and many more.

If you still have satellite/cable it may be time to think about cutting the cord and having a media box that streams and is cheaper and is small and you can take it anywhere with you and enjoy all the different features of streaming and apps such as youtube and thousands more.

You can look at getting an Amazon fire tv box to start and then you will never look at your cable or satellite box again and enjoy all the benefits of other streaming apps and even be able to connect with business meetings and loved ones through it for a face to face talk.


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