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If you are using the Tivimate IPTV app which is one of the best apps for using with IPTV due to the very good designed UI and sleekness of the app but there is sometimes one small issue.

Make sure you have the best IPTV for your Tivimate app and you will get the quality IPTV and movies for your Tivimate app.

This is because not all IPTV providers supply the EPG URL so you can get your TV guide working with the Tivimate app. But we will show you some workaround below for you to get the TV guide working on Tivimate.

TV Guide URL For Tivimate

Get The TV Guide URL For Tivimate From Your IPTV Provider

Normally most IPTV providers give out their EPG URL so you can get the TV Guide (EPG) working to see what is coming up on every channel that your IPTV suppliers have.

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So if you want the EPG URL for your Tivimate app then just ask your IPTV provider first as this is normally the easiest way to get it.

If your provider does not give out the EPG URL but you happen to have a server URL/Port, Username, and Password from your provider then you can edit this below to make up the EPG URL for any IPTV provider.


So as an example let’s say your provider gives you just this information below.

Server URL = http://example.com/8080

Username = john123

Password = smith321

This is how you would replace the content of the EPG URL we showed earlier.


Then you would just enter this EPG URL in the Tivimate app settings and it should now work fine in the TV guide.

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tivimate full tv guide set up

If for whatever reason your IPTV provider does not have any EPG working there is another option we will cover below.

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How To Use A Paid TV Guide URL For Tivimate

The last option is to use a paid TV guide for your Tivimate which works very well.

You can sign up for a website such as https://xtream-editor.com/ which will allow you to make custom playlists and also get the EPG (TV Guide) working with any IPTV app.

tv guide epg fix tivimate

Here Are Some Other TV Guide Websites Below:

Can These EPG Sources Handle .gz Compression?

The good thing with all the EPG sources we mentioned above and Tivimate is that they all support the .gz compression format and so does the Tivimate IPTV app.

This means when Tivimate grabs the TV guide that it is a little file contained in a zip folder so it’s fast to download and is not slow and big if your Tivimate was trying to download an uncompressed TV Guide.

EPG For Tivimate

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Final Thoughts

Now you know how to use a TV Guide for Tivimate and also where to find EPG sources to use directly with Tivimate or any other IPTV app you wish to use.

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