How To Update Kodi On Firestick (Version 19 Matrix) 2024

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If you have been enjoying Kodi on your amazon firestick then all of a sudden you see a notification that starts to pop up saying Update Available then it’s time to update to the latest Kodi 19 Matrix version and we have just the guide to show you how to update Kodi on firestick.

This guide will also work not just for firesticks but also Fire TV and the newer Fire TV Cube.


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The Benefits Of Upgrading Kodi

First, we just want to get into the benefits of why you should upgrade Kodi. Well, one of the main reasons is that if you are on an older version of Kodi then people may have found exploits and vulnerabilities with the older versions of Kodi.

So when the Kodi developers bring a new Kodi version out it not only comes with different features, tweaks, and bug fixes but also with many security vulnerabilities patched as well to stop any web hackers from stealing your information off your firestick.

So we would always advise keeping your Kodi up to date on the latest version due to the reasons explained above.

You should know when a Kodi version comes out maybe wait a month or 2 and this will allow the add-ons developers so those who make the live TV, live sports, Movies, and News 3rd party add-on to upgrade their code in their add-on and make it compatible with the latest Kodi version for your firestick.

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How To Check Kodi Version

If you have not been notified by Kodi itself about the update and you are not sure what version of Kodi you are running you can follow one of the 2 methods below.

Checking Kodi Version Using Firestick Settings

This is the easiest way we advise you to check the Kodi version you simply need to.

  1. Click Settings On Firesticks Main Menu
  2. Click Into “Applications”
  3. Now into “Managed Installed Applications”
  4. Scroll down to the Kodi app
  5. On the right-hand side check the Version number

The second method is below

Checking Kodi Version Using Kodi Settings

If you are already in Kodi and want to check simply do the below.

  1. Inside Kodi’s main home screen click the settings icon
  2. Now go into “System Information” 
  3. Now make sure to stay on “Summary”
  4. Now look on the right-hand side of the screen at the bottom you will see the Kodi Version and Build name.

Ok so armed with all the information above it’s time to get your hands dirty and learn how to update Kodi on firestick to the latest version such as version 19 matrix.

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Updating Kodi On Firestick

Before we dive off into the deep end and start updating Kodi there is one little thing you must do beforehand and this allows apps from unknown sources if you haven’t done this already.

To do this simply:

  1. Go to Main Firestick Homescreen
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Now into My Fire TV
  4. Then into “Developer Options”
  5. Now click on “Allow Apps From Unknown Sources” 
  6. Now click Turn ON to the notification pop up

Ok now, that’s done you will need to make sure to download the application called “Downloader” you can just search your firestick for this application then download it from the Amazon app store.

Now you have the Downloader app installed you will want to open this app then follow the below instructions to update your older Kodi version.

  1. Open Downloader
  2. In the URL address bar enter “https://tinyurl.com/kodi19install”
  3. Now click “Go” and it will download Kodi 
  4. Once the download has finished click “Install”
  5. Now click “Done”
  6. Now you will see a pop up that says Install, Delete, Done
  7. Choose Delete this will take the install Kodi app away allowing you much more free space on your amazon firestick

With the above all done you can head over to your apps on your firestick and head into Kodi and it will now start to load up on your Firestick and you will see the new version of Kodi on the Kodi splash screen.


Using Aptoide TV To Update Kodi

We would say this can be a better method to update your Kodi than the above method as this one is easier and you can get notifications as and when your Kodi needs updating and use the same Aptoide app market again.

Aptoide is like the Google play store but all apps and games are free you can see our guide on Best Cracked Apps And Websites For Firesticks to see how to download and install Aptoide to your firestick.

Once you have this great app installed you will see not only is it compatible with a 4k firestick but also fire tv, fire tv cube, and all android based tv boxes or sticks, android smartphones and will allow a third-party app store on any of these devices.

Once you have installed Aptoide just follow the below

<h3>How To Update Kodi With Aptoide

  1. Launch Aptoide the press left to open up the menu
  2. Go down to discover and hover over discover
  3. Look under the installed applications and you will see it say “apps to update”
  4. Find Kodi and click on it and then choose Update
  5. When Kodi has downloaded click Install
  6. You will now see an install notification once installed so choose open

With the above, it’s easy to update Kodi using just the app marketplace Aptoide.


What Version Is Kodi Now

Right now Kodi 19 named “Matrix” has just been released and has come a long way since Kodi was called XBMC or Xbox Media Center all the way back nearly a decade ago in 2004.

Some people still like to use Kodi 17 and 18 with their amazon firesticks but unless you really are clued up with the scene you are best to always keep updating your Kodi to the latest version for better performance and security.


Kodi won’t Update On My Fire TV

If your Kodi has not seemed to update using the above methods you will want to follow the below just be sure beforehand you check the version of Kodi just to make sure it did not update and the Kodi notification that pops up could be a bug.

Once you are sure to tour Kodi did not update its time to follow the below:

Make Sure The App Has Not Disappeared From Your App Screen

Sometimes after updating Kodi your app icon will normally disappear off the firesticks home screen and also be moved to the bottom of your apps.

To correct this issue you will need to find Kodi in your apps & channels now go to Kodi and press the menu button on the Kodi app.

Now choose Move to front and now you can click the home button on your amazon firestick remote and you will see the Kodi app icon again you can click on to open Kodi.

If that has not been solved it is time to test the below step:

Reboot Your Firestick To Open Kodi

Sometimes the issue can be Kodis cache files it stores in its cache so if you hold the power button and choose to reboot your firestick this will:

  • Remove Cache
  • Removes Temp Files
  • Removes Thumbnails
  • fix any other issues

This will normally fix the Kodi issue or any other unrelated issue you may have with the firestick if not move on to the last step.

Reinstall Kodi

After testing the above and getting nowhere its best to just uninstall Kodi and then install Kodi so to do this follow the below steps:

  1. Head over into Settings from the main screen
  2. Now into Apps and then Managed Installed Apps
  3. Find Kodi and click on it
  4. Click on Uninstall

Now once you have done the above you will just follow the guide above again to reinstall Kodi to your firestick.

If for any reason this has not worked the last step to do is below.

Deregister A Firestick

You may want to use this method also if the app keeps disappearing off the main menu of the amazon firestick but this will also help with your Kodi being unable to update on your firestick or fire tv.

To deregister your firestick and then log back in with your Amazon account follow the below.

  1. Go into Settings from the amazon home screen
  2. Select My Account
  3. Go into Amazon account
  4. Choose Deregister
  5. Don’t worry about the notification still choose Deregister

Once you have finished the deregister of the firestick you can log in again and you may also need to access amazon on a laptop so you can take the code from the firestick and sync your account to the amazon firestick.



This has been a very in-depth guide on how to update Kodi on firestick we hope this has helped you update or even install Kodi on your firestick or any other android based device you are using.

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