How to Watch IPTV On A Samsung TV

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If you own a Samsung smart TV, then this article will cover how you can watch IPTV on a Samsung TV as we have seen this question floating around on some of the popular IPTV forums recently.

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Can IPTV Work On A Samsung TV

Yes IPTV can work on a Samsung TV but you won’t have that many IPTV apps to choose from unless your Samsung smart TV has the Google Play store pre-installed on the TV.

If your Samsung smart TV does not have the Google Play store and only the Samsung App store then you will be limited to the number of IPTV apps you can choose from.

We will cover the best IPTV app to use for Samsung smart TVs shortly but with any of the IPTV apps you find on the smart TVs app store, you will be able to view live IPTV channels and watch VOD (video on demand).

How to Watch IPTV On Samsung TV And The Best IPTV App To Use

There are a few different ways on, how you can watch IPTV on your Samsung TV but the best way is to use an actual IPTV app, but here are some other ways on, how you can watch IPTV:

  • Screen mirror to Samsung TV
  • Watch IPTV through the Samsung web browser
  • Sideload IPTV apps

Ok without further ado let’s see which is the best app to use and how you can install it.

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Installing GSE Smart IPTV On Your Samsung Smart TV

  1. Choose the Apps icon from the main home screen
  2. Click on Search at the top of the screen
  3. Type in GSE smart IPTV then click Go
  4. Now click on the Install button
  5. Once GSE Smart IPTV has been installed choose Open

Thats it quite straightforward you will now need to set up GSE Smart IPTV which we have a separate guide you can follow on How To Set Up GSE IPTV On Your Device.

This will help you link up the app with your favorite IPTV provider and get everything primed and ready for your IPTV viewing.

Now we have covered all you need to know about adding IPTV to your Samsung Smart TV but we have added a bonus in below.

How To Screen Mirror IPTV To Your Samsung TV

If you are looking to screen mirror an IPTV app off your Android smartphone to watch IPTV quickly without the need to set an app up on your Samsung smart TV then follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure you have the official screen mirroring app called “SmartThings” downloaded on your smartphone
  2. Now swipe down the top of your smartphone to access the quick panel icon and click it
  3. Choose your Samsung Smart TV from the list of devices that appear
  4. You may be asked for a PIN code if so put in your PIN from the Samsung TV
  5. Click on Start Now when you see the notice labeled “Start casting with Smart View”
  6. Now your smartphone’s screen will be mirrored on your Samsung TV
  7. Open the IPTV app of your choice on your smartphone and begin to play an IPTV stream
  8. You will see the IPTV channel now playing on your TV screen

We recommend using the screen mirror option when you are in a pinch for time and need to quickly start watching a channel when you have no time to set up an IPTV device or you are at a friend’s or relative’s house.

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Other Notable IPTV Apps To Install On Your Samsung Smart TV


You can test out Set IPTV which is a decent IPTV app when it comes to smart TVs. It has a cost of 15.99 for the premium version but you can take it for a test drive for 7 days to see if you prefer this application over GSE IPTV.


You can use the popular smart TV IPTV app SSIPTV and it’s a free app to use. It doesn’t have as nicer UX than the likes of GSE IPTV but it’s always worth giving it a quick test to see if you prefer this app over the others mentioned.

IPTV Smarters In Samsung Web Browser

With this method, you can go into your Samsung web browser and type in this URL webtv.iptvsmarters.com which will take you to the IPTV Smarters web portal.

Now you can enter your IPTV provider’s details such as server URL, username, and password, and can access all their IPTV and VOD content.


Samsung Smart TVs can be one of the best smart TVs dependent on its model and match that up with IPTV then it can be the ultimate home entertainment device where you can watch live TV, movies, and much more.


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