How to Watch UFC on FireStick

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With the UFC being one of the biggest combat sports movements with the best fighting the best its always worth knowing how you can watch this great sport on your firestick or Amazon device.

We will cover different ways you can watch UFC on your firestick for free or paid ways too.

Watch UFC On Your Firestick Using An IPTV Provider

This is the best method out of the 3 as you not only get access to every UFC fight but also all the other fighting promotions such as Bellator, cage warriors, and all PPV-type events.

A good decent IPTV provider will cover all sports and all countries giving you access to every single sport and PPV event around at a low cheap cost.

Once you have an IPTV subscription you would simply go to the PPV section of your IPRV provider and watch the UFC PPV prelims and the main card.

Watch UFC On Firestick Using Amazon Silk Browser

This is a good method where you can watch all UDFC events for free by using the built-in web browser on your firestick called Amazon Silk Browser.

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If you do not already have the Silk Browser installed on your firestick you will need to follow the below to install the free web browser application.

  1. Go to your firestick home screen
  2. Click the Find tab
  3. Choose search
  4. Type in Internet Browser
  5. Click on the icon called Amazon Silk Browser or Internet
  6. Now click on download
  7. Wait until the web browser has downloaded
  8. Click on Open
  9. Accept the terms and conditions

Now you will have the Amazon silk browser installed on your device so you can go ahead and open it so you can open the boxing tab then choose the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

  1. Open the Amazon Silk Browser
  2. Click inside the URL bar
  3. Type in OR then click on Go
  4. You will now see their home page
  5. Click on the basketball icon
  6. Pick a game
  7. Then start streaming the game

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Watch UFC Fight Night For Free Using The Lepto Sports App

This method is a good way too as you can install a nicely formatted app on your firestick and catch all live sports events all from inside the Lepto APK for free.

First, you will need to make sure developer options are turned ON so we can sideload the Lepto sports app. To do this follow the below:

  1. From the firestick home screen choose settings (little settings cog)
  2. Select My Fire TV or Device
  3. Click Developer Options
  4. Select Apps From Unknown Sources
  5. Make sure to choose ON
  6. Click Turn On on the confirmation notification box

Now it’s time to install an application called Downloader which will be the app used to sideload the Lepto Sports app on the firestick.

  1. From the firestick home screen choose Find
  2. Now type in the word Downloader and click the orange icon
  3. Choose Download to start downloading the app

Ok with the above out of the way all you need to do is use the downloader app to install the Lepto app following the below steps:

  1. Open the Downloader app
  2. Type in this URL address then click on Go
  3. The app will start downloading on your firestick so wait until it has downloaded
  4. Now click on Install
  5. After the installation has finished click Done
  6. Now delete the APK to save space on your firestick
  7. Click Delete again

That’s it you have installed the Lepto app so you can now press the home button and go to the Apps section on your Amazon firestick and you will see the new app icon for Lepto.

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Watch UFC On Firestick For Free

This is quite straightforward once you have installed the app you will need to open the app.

  1. From Lepto sports app home screen choose Boxing
  2. Then choose UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) to play the event for free on the firestick


There you have it an article that covers 3 great methods for watching the UFC on a firestick or any other Amazon or Android-based device.

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