Why My IPTV Freezes And Buffers

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If you are having issues with your IPTV streams with them buffering or freezing then our article on why my iptv freezes will help you resolve any of these IPTV problems.

To be sure that your IPTV freezes are not from your IPTV Provider we recommend using the best IPTV provider you can such as Strong IPTV and then you can rule out the freezing and buffering issues being your IPTV provider’s fault.

Why IPTV Freezes

Many issues can cause IPTV to freeze from Wifi signal, internet speed, router settings, IPTV providers server, bandwidth throttling, and home network load.

We will be covering each one more closely so you can check to see if any of the above is causing the buffering and freezing and if so how to fix it.

Wifi Signal

This can be one of the main issues when it comes to IPTV channels buffering and freezing and is normally due to the Wifi IPTV-enabled device being too far away from your Wifi router or interference.

To fix this first, it’s always best if your IPTV device has an ethernet port to run a temporary cable to make sure that once you run an ethernet cable the IPTV stops freezing if it does you know it’s the Wifi signal or interference causing the freezing.

So next you will want to check the signal of your IPTV device to make sure you are at least getting 3 green bars for a good solid Wifi connection.

Then try and move your IPTV device closer to the router if you are getting 2 bars of Wifi signal or less.

Finally, make sure there is no signal interference between your router and your IPTV device this can be radios, electrical sockets, satellite cables, microwaves, and more.

You can see The Most Common Wifi Sources Of Wifi Signal Interference to check other devices which can be between your IPTV device and router that can cause Wifi signal interference.

Internet Speed

This is another big issue that can cause both IPTV buffering and freezes so you will want to use your smartphone and go to Broadband Speedtest to see what both your download speed is and upload speed.

Ideally, you will want above 20Mbps to be able to playback IPTV streams without any issues.

check out our What Internet Speed Do You Need For IPTV article to see a more depth guide about what speeds you need and what can affect internet speed.

IPTV Providers Servers

Depending on which IPTV provider you are using they could be the issue for the buffering and freezing and this is due to the quality of servers they are using and how well-known the IPTV provider is.

As a rule of thumb, you will want to get free trials first of IPTV from any providers you have shortlisted and test their IPTV services.

You will want to ideally stick to any IPTV provider who has been around the most time as they tend to have the best infrastructure and servers needed to run quality IPTV streams which have the least amount of buffering and freezes.

Bandwidth Throttling

Not many of you know this but nearly most broadband internet providers (ISPs) do something called bandwidth throttling which is when their network is overloaded so in peak hours such as evenings, weekends, and holidays they use a technique to purposely slow down your internet speed to stop any network overloads and keep the internet network they run, running smoothly.

If you are noticing that the IPTV freezes and buffering is happening in the evenings, on weekends, and national holidays then this will highly likely be the cause of your IPTV troubles.

The best way to stop your internet provider from slowing your internet speeds down is to simply use a cheap VPN which will stop any bandwidth throttling and also protect your IP address which is vital when using IPTV in 2023.

We recommend using this VPN below as its the best VPN for IPTV and you can save a massive 82% OFF (limited time only)

Again it is always worth using a VPN as this will not only help with the freezes and buffering but also protect your IP address, and data and also will stop any internet providers from blocking IPTV servers when football matches are on.

To see more about internet providers blocking IPTV when football is on see our guide on How to Stop Your Internet Provider From Blocking IPTV.

Home Network Load

This is when you have too many devices using up your broadband which can tax your speeds and cause many devices to freeze and buffer even if watching Strong IPTV, Netflix, or Youtube.

See How Much Data Does IPTV Use.

When you are watching IPTV unless you have good speeds north of 50Mbps it’s always best to be aware of what other devices are on your home Wifi network and what them devices are doing.

If you only have 20Mbps download speed and are watching IPTV but then you have someone else watching Netflix in another room and someone else downloading the latest PlayStation game on their console all at the same time this can cause buffering and freezes with your IPTV service so be aware of this.

A rule of thumb is if many of your households use the internet for things such as streaming, gaming, etc be sure to get the highest speed package from your broadband provider so when everyone is using your home network it won’t be overloaded giving a decrease in streaming performance for your IPTV service.


If you follow the above issues you will be able to fix any IPTV freezes and buffering and enjoy the best of IPTV and catch all your favorite live TV shows and sports with your favorite IPTV provider.


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