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If you are looking to download the XC IPTV app for your Android-based device then we will give the link below while also covering a little information on what the XC IPTV app can do.

download xc iptv


XC IPTV is an IPTV app that can be downloaded and then installed on any Android-based device such as Amazon Firesticks, Android TV boxes, Android smartphones, tablets, and even Android-powered smart TVs.

The XC IPTV app is not to be confused with a new IPTV provider named XC IPTV who are seeming to piggyback off the name of the XC IPTV player app.

You will find the actual developers of this IPTV app are OTTrun so make sure you don’t get mixed up with the IPTV provider who happens to be called the same name.

download xc iptv settings menu

How To Download XC IPTV App

You may be relieved to know that getting hold of the XC IPTV app is as easy as going into your Google Play store and searching for XC IPTV Player and then you can easily install it right from the Play store making everything a lot easier than some other IPTV apps which are not listed on the Play store.

Alternatively, you may find that your Android device does not have the Google Play store, so in this case, you would need to download the official XC IPTV APK and sideload it on either your Amazon-based device such as Firesticks and Fire TV cube or sideload it on your Android powered smart Tv.

Downloading And Installing XC IPTV On a Firestick

We will make this quick as we have a more full in-depth guide on How to Install XCIPTV Player On Your Firestick.

We suggest following the more in-depth guide above but if you are in a pinch for time then you can follow our quick steps below.

  1. Downloader the app called “Downloader” if you don’t already have it installed on your Firestick
  2. Now once inside the Downloader app enter this code 959253 and click Go.
  3. Now allow the app to download and install it
  4. Once installed you will find the app within the apps section on your Android-based device

Now you can use the above for all Android-based devices but we will cover now how to do the same on an Android-based smart TV.

Downloading And Installing XC IPTV On a Smart TV

If your smart tv is Android based so this is mostly the Samsung and LG TVs out there post 2015 you will be able to install XC IPTV on your TV.

smart tv and xc iptv

There could be some other brands where this is possible as long as your smart TV is running on Android.

Remember: If your Android-based smart TV has the Google Play store then you can just directly install the app right from the app store.

  1. On your Smart Tv go to your web browser app
  2. Now enter this URL and click Go.
  3. The app will automatically download and you can then install it
  4. Once installed you will find the XC IPTV app in the apps section on your smart TV.
downloading xc iptv on a smart tv

What Makes XC IPTV App So Good?

Here at Strong IPTV, this is the app of preference for our team and we will mention some bullet points as to why:

  • Very easy to use and will have you powering through the app within the first day and a pleasure to look at with its neat-looking user interface design
  • Can add in multiple IPTV providers
  • Supports many different languages if you want to change the language inside of the app
  • Allows external players to play IPTV streams instead of the in-built player
  • Has full EPG support
  • Can watch both VOD and Live TV in one app
  • Has a built-in favourite category where you can save your most watched channels for easy access
  • Allows you to launch the app right on the last channel you were watching before you exited the app
xc iptv vod section


We have given you many different ways on how to download XC IPTV as well as the reasons why you should and the different devices XC IPTV supports.


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