Best IPTV Players For 2024

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Here we have compiled a guide of the best IPTV players and apps for your firesticks, android smart tv, windows, or Mac OS so you can be sure to choose the best IPTV player for your wants and needs.

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best iptv players 2023

A quick list of the best IPTV players in 2021

  1. IPTV Smarters
  2. Smart IPTV
  3. TiviMate
  5. iPlayTV
  6. MyIPTV Player
  7. VLC Media Player
  8. SmartSTB

What Are The Best IPTV Players For Firesticks, Android Boxes, Smart TV, and Windows?

Whether you have a firestick, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV or any other future device Amazon release these will be the best IPTV apps to use.

top iptv players

IPTV Smarters

iptv smarters player

IPTV Smarters is an all-time favorite that has stood the test of time it is one of the most widely used apps for the firestick with many IPTV providers’ custom apps even being based on this IPTV player.

If you are just starting out with IPTV and want a solid app to begin with we recommend using IPTV Smarters on your firestick, Android-based device, or Smart TV to enjoy one of the best iptv players of 2023.

Smart IPTV

smart iptv player

Next up is another heavyweight contender in the best IPTV player league due to its ease of use and fluid navigation.

This app is equally as good as IPTV smarters we would say but the only negative with it is it has been taken off the UK app store for LG and Samsung TV making it a little harder to get for these models of tvs.

Have a look in the app store and if you do not see this app on your Smart TV’s app store then you will need to sideload the app on your TV.

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Tivimater player

A newcomer to the game but this app certainly can hang with the best with its great-looking user interface this is becoming a fan favorite in 2021.

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iptv players android firestick windows

TiviMate has a free and premium version of the app and only works on Android, Firestick, Fire TVs.

For this app you will need your M3U URL to enter in the app you can get this by asking your IPTV provider.

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The premium version of TiviMate is worth getting once you test the iptv player out and with the premium version you get these amazing benefits below

  • Favorite grouping management
  • Customize panels and transparency of panels
  • Set TV Guide update intervals
  • Sort Channels manually to how you want them
  • Support for multiple playlists
  • Auto frame rate (AFR)
  • TV guide reminders
  • Last channel starts from when you exited the app
  • Plus other cool features


gse iptv player

Now, this app is very good if you are using an iPhone or iPad but when it comes to firesticks and android we would recommend the 3 apps mentioned above.

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GSE IPTV is good in that you can download it for free and it’s one a few good IPTV players that apple allows on their iOS app store but we only recommend the app if you are using an iPhone or iPad due to the IPTV players above being better.

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You may find GSE IPTV is good for you but using the free version and not buying a one-off subscription to the GSE IPTV can have annoying ads popping up as you are trying to browse the IPTV supplier’s channels which can be a little frustrating.


iPlayTV ios iptv

This IPTV player is the undisputed champion of apple devices when it comes to being the best. It has a unique and stunning user interface which could actually be the coolest one out of all IPTV players.

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If you are using an Apple device this app is the one you need but there is no free option with this and it will cost around £5.99 for the full version but is worth every penny.

So if you are using an iOS device this can even be a Macbook you will want to grab this app from the iOS app store with it being the leader of iOS IPTV players.

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myiptv player app

Just as iplayTV is the champion of iOS then MYIPTV player is without a doubt the champion on the Windows platform.

So if you are using Windows on your laptop or PC then this is hands down the best IPTV player you will want.

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You can go to your windows store from the windows start menu and search for MYIPTV player and download it from the windows store for free.

Then you will need to get your M3U URL from your provider and add it to this player.

We have a guide on how to set up MyIPTV Player

VLC Media Player

VLC media player for iptv

Now VLC media player is for those again with a laptop, MacBook, iMac or PC. You can put it on your android devices and even firestick but we do not recommend this as the user interface is not good for android and firesticks.

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So with VLC media player, you can easily open your M3U URL in the player and then even type the channel you want. We would recommend using this when traveling or when you just need to access IPTV fast as you can launch it in seconds then type in the channel name and get working instantly.

But test this with your PC, Laptop and see if you like it we use this media player a lot for a quick check of channels, and when we are in a rush it’s straightforward and responsive.

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smartstb player

This is the newest IPTV player on the block, and for a smart TV is one of the best it’s so easy to use and fluid.

SmartSTB will be on your smart TV, especially if the TV is an LG or Samsung smart TV you will find it in your app store on the smart tv.

This app is an emulator of an IPTV device called a Mag box which some people claim their software/User interface is one of the quickest and a snappy interfaces to use, even your Aunt Hilda can operate it with ease.

But we do not dismiss that the user interface is one of the nicest on Smart TVs with this app if have a smart TV this is the app you will want to use or if you are coming from using a Mag box or a Mag box emulator app such as STBemu.

The setup of the app can be slightly more work than the rest of the apps to set up but you can see our guide on how to setup SmartSTB and easily get it working quickly.

Honourable Mentions

OTT Navigator IPTV Playlist is another good IPTV app you can test. It didn’t make our list this year but it is climbing up the ranks to be in the top 5 best iptv apps with its constant updates.

Final Thoughts

This is a rundown on all the best IPTV players we have tested and we see being used in IPTV this list can change in time so make sure you bookmark this page.

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