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If you have used Kodi for a while you may know that you can install 3rd party addons on Kodi so you don’t have to add videos yourself or build. One of these add-ons is the Genesis reborn addon which is one of the leading Kodi builds you can easily install into Kodi.

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Why Install Genesis Reborn

Well as you may or may not know before Genesis Reborn it was just Genesis and it was a very popular video addon but was shut down with the likes of Elysium, Exodus, and other Video addons.

But now Genesis was Reborn and has all movies, cartoons, documentaries, tv shows, documentaries, and much more great content added to it.

But we would also say Genesis Reborn is the best video addon for Kodi at this time so that’s why you should install this great addon.

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Install Genesis Reborn On Kodi

So now you have seen what and why you should install Genesis Reborn it’s time to get into the installation of this video add-on.

  1. Once inside Kodi choose the settings icon
  2. Now head into System
  3. Then select Add-ons and Enable Unknown Sources
  4. Choose yes once the warning box appears

Now you will be able to install 3rd party add-ons inside of Kodi so this will allow you to install Genesis Reborn without issues by following the below.

  1. From the Kodi home screen select the settings cog
  2. Now go into File Manager
  3. Then choose Add Source
  4. A box will appear now click on “None”
  5. Now you will need to enter a URL so make sure to enter this exact URL then click ok.
  6. For the name, you can choose any name you like but we just call it Genesis if you like then click ok
  7. Then simply click ok and this will add the source

Ok once you have completed the above its time to find the addon so follow the instructions below

  1. From the Kodi home screen choose Add-ons
  2. Now click on the box icon (package installer) in the top left-hand corner of the screen 
  3. Now choose “Install from zip folder”
  4. Then select Genesis (or whatever name you called it)
  5. Now choose Kodiuk
  6. Now click on the repository name which looks like this
  7. Now wait until you see a notification saying Kodiuktv add-on installed
  8. Now go into “Install from repository” and select Video addons
  9. Then choose Genesis Reborn from the list
  10. Now go across to the install icon click it then click OK
  11. Now simply wait for the notification which says “Addon Genesis Reborn is Installed”

Now, that’s it you now have the Genesis Reborn add-on installed on your Kodi build so you can enjoy one of the best Movie, TV Show, Kid’s video addons.


Kodi Genesis Not Working


Make Sure You Have Genesis Reborn Installed

Some people may have issues getting Genesis Reborn to work on their Kodi and this can be because you don’t have the Genesis Reborn but are still trying to use the old Genesis video add-on which doesn’t work so make sure you have deleted the add-on and use the Genesis Reborn addon.

Use A VPN With Genesis Reborn Kodi

If you are sure you have Genesis Reborn then the next issue which could make Genesis Kodi’s addon not work is you are not using a VPN which we STRONGLY advise you use a VPN. You can get the best VPN for Kodi HERE and for a big discount and work on all devices you may own.

Choose A Different VPN Server Country

But make sure your VPN is on and activated and change the country on it if needed and test again as some countries can block Genesis Reborn links from playing so try and pick countries like the Netherlands or any others apart from the likes of USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, etc.

Keep Genesis Reborn Video Add-on Updated

When working with Kodi you must always try to keep everything updated as this will give you the best chance of whatever you are trying to watch working. This is why IPTV providers are always better than the free Kodi as everything just works for you but yes to have the best chance of Kodi working be sure to keep the Genesis addon updated and current.

To update Genesis Reborn you can follow the below

  1. From Kodi’s home screen choose “Settings”
  2. Then go into Addons
  3. Then head into My Addons
  4. Select Video Addons
  5. Now choose Genesis Reborn
  6. Enable the Auto-Update setting

Now this will make sure Genesis Reborn stays fully up to date when the Genesis developers make any changes and give you the best chance of the video addons content working without any issues.

Uninstall Genesis Reborn Kodi

The final thing to do if you cant get the Genesis Reborn addon from working is to uninstall it then install the addon again.

To delete Genesis Reborn you will need to follow the below:

  1. From Kodi Home Screen choose Add-ons
  2. Now go into Video Addons
  3. Now scroll down to Genesis Reborn and press and hold the ok button on it then select the information
  4. Now go to the last icon called uninstall
  5. Choose yes when the uninstall box appears

Now that you have removed the Genesis Reborn video addon you will need to go back to the top of this article and start a fresh installation again of the addon.



We hoped you enjoyed our easy-to-follow guide on how to install Genesis Reborn on Kodi and just to add this can be installed on any devices from firesticks, fire tv, windows, android, smartphones, and much more as long as you have Kodi installed to the device.

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