How to Install SoundCloud On A Firestick

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Soundcloud is a great music streaming app that works on an open free platform with over 30 million artists spanning 193 countries where you can listen to their music for free.

Another alternative to SoundCloud is IPTV from Strong IPTV as you have whole categories full of different music to choose from and even concerts and Music documentaries which can work out better than needing the SoundCloud app.

This article will cover how to install Soundcloud on a firestick so you can turn your firestick or other android based device into the ultimate music stick.

What Is Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is an online music streaming platform that allows artists and creators to connect with their fans and publish their songs and podcasts. (source)

The popular music platform was created in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden, and is available on most devices such as:

  • Firesticks
  • Fire TV
  • Sonos Soundbar
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X, S

When it comes to using Soundcloud on a firestick the Soundcloud application is not natively available for the firestick so there is no way to download the app from the Amazon app store.

This is why in this guide we will cover how to download and install Soundcloud on your firestick by sideloading the app onto the firestick.

How To Download And Install Soundcloud On A Firestick

You will be learning how to sideload the app onto your firestick so 2 pre-requisites must be done before you go on to install Soundcloud.

You must make sure the setting “Allow apps from unknown sources” is turned on in your firestick Developer options to do this follow the below steps.

  1. From the firestick home screen choose settings (little settings cog)
  2. Select My Fire TV or Device
  3. Click Developer Options
  4. Select Apps From Unknown Sources
  5. Make sure to choose ON
  6. Click Turn On on the confirmation notification box

With the above complete it’s time to install the Downloader app which will help you install the Soundcloud music app.

  1. From the firestick home screen choose Find
  2. Now type in the word Downloader and click the orange icon
  3. Choose Download to start downloading the app

Now you have downloaded the “Downloader app” you will need to head into the “My Apps” section of your firestick then look for the Downloader app and open it then proceed with the below steps:

  1. Open the Downloader app
  2. Type in this URL address then click on Go (Make sure to carefully type the address in the URL field)
  3. The app will start downloading on your firestick so wait until it has downloaded
  4. Now click on Install
  5. After the installation has finished click Done
  6. Now delete the APK to save space on your firestick
  7. Click Delete again

Once you have completed the above steps you can now go into the “My Apps” section of the firestick from the home screen then find Soundcloud and open it to get access to over 30 million songs and podcasts.

How To Use SoundCloud On A Firestick

We will now be showing you how you can use SoundCloud on your firestick so you can enjoy all the great content SoundCloud has to offer.

  1. Go into “My Apps” from the firestick home page
  2. Then find Soundcloud and open it
  3. Now you will need to go on a smartphone or web browser and create a free account at 
  4. Once you have made a free account go back on the firestick and enter your username and password inside the SoundCloud app
  5. Now that you have signed in you can now stream from 30 million songs and podcasts from the firestick SoundCloud app.

How To Cast Music From SoundCloud On Your Smartphone To Your Firestick

This is a good feature that allows you to screen mirror and cast music from your smartphone to your firestick which means you don’t even need to have SoundCloud installed on your firestick to use this feature.

  1. Make sure your firestick and smartphone are connected to the same Wifi Network
  2. Go to the Google Play Store or iOS play store on your smartphone and search Soundcloud
  3. Now download and install Soundcloud on your Smartphone
  4. Now open the SoundCloud app on your smartphone
  5. Pull down from the top of the screen on your smartphone to access the control panel
  6. Now choose the Cast icon on your smartphone
  7. On your firestick go to the home screen and choose Settings
  8. Now go into “Display And Sounds” and choose Enable Display Mirroring
  9. On your smartphone choose your firestick under available devices
  10. You will now see your smartphone screen mirrored onto your TV through your firestick
  11. Open the SoundCloud app then log in using your credentials
  12. Now pick a song or podcast from SoundCloud and it will start playing through your TV and Firestick using screen mirroring

The above method of screen mirroring and casting SoundCloud from your smartphone or tablet is a great way to quickly start streaming SoundCloud easily if you are using another firestick that does not belong to you and you do not want to install SoundCloud manually.

How To Stream SoundCloud Music From Anywhere In The World

Sometimes SoundCloud may not work depending on what country you are based in so this is where a VPN will help unlock Soundcloud so it will work fine in the country you are currently based in.

To do this simply follow our guide here on How To Install PureVPN On A Firestick which is the best VPN to use with SoundCloud due to the number of VPN countries and the speed of the VPN.

If you click the image above you will be able to save a massive 82% OFF the VPN and can use it for IPTV and streaming movie apps too.

SoundCloud Paid Subscription

The SoundCloud app is actually free to use but they do have some premium features that you can pay monthly to access these premium features.

They have 3 levels to their premium features with one being Soundcloud Go, Soundcloud Go+, and last being Soundcloud Pro Premium Unlimited.

SoundCloud Prices

  • SoundCloud Go $4.99 per month
  • SoundCloud Go+ $9.99 per month
  • SoundCloud Pro Unlimited $12 per month

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend you install SoundCloud to your firestick due to this app being one of the best free open apps that has the most music artists and podcasts for you to listen to.

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