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In this short guide, we teach you what to do if the GSE IPTV is not working on your Chromecast device.

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You can use Chromecast with GSE IPTV by playing an IPTV channel from your IPTV provider and then clicking the little Chromecast icon in the top right-hand corner of the smartphone screen or laptop.

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What To Do If GSE IPTV Chromecast Is Not Working

If you do not see the little icon appear on your smartphone or laptop screen you first need to check if the device you are trying to Chromecast from is connected to the same network as your Google Chromecast.

Simply check the Wifi network on your device is the same as the Chromecast and you are not accidentally using 4G/5G on your smartphone.

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If this seems all fine then you will want to open another streaming-based app that you know works with Chromecast such as Netflix or Youtube.

Now start a channel or movie and see if the Chromecast icon appears on your phone or laptop so you can send the watched content to your Chromecast and view it on your Smart TV.Rebooting The Chromecast And GSE IPTV

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Rebooting The Chromecast And GSE IPTV

If you have tried both the above methods and the Chromecast is still not working then follow the below steps:

  1. Unplug the Chromecast from the Smart TV
  2. Take out the power lead from the plug socket
  3. Restart your Smartphone or Laptop
  4. Now plug the Chromecast back into another HDMI socket on your Smart TV
  5. Plug the Chromecast power cable back into the plug socket
  6. Wait roughly 2 minutes for the Chromecast to power on correctly

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Once you have followed the above steps you will want to go back into GSE IPTV and test to see if the Chromecast icon has appeared on an IPTV stream.

If not then try another app such as Youtube or Netflix again and see if you can see the Chromecast icon when a video is playing.

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If nothing has seemed to work the other alternative is to try a new device with GSE IPTV on and try your Chromecast in another house or at least on another TV.

After you have run the above tests and nothing has worked then it’s highly likely your Google Chromecast is faulty and you will need to take it to a local repair store or send it back to the store you purchased it from if it’s still under warranty.

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We hope this guide has helped you get your Chromecast back working with your GSE IPTV app if so don’t forget to give it a quick share.

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