IPTV Resellers Banned From Reddit

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There has been a big group or should we say subreddit is the official name of IPTV resellers who used the group to see who are good IPTV providers to use and not to use for their reselling needs.

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But it seems Reddit is cracking down on many IPTV related subreddits and threads as they have taken the big subreddit down again which would have caused a real headache for any IPTV resellers who use Reddit to discuss IPTV related things.

The subreddit use to be at this address /r/iptvresellers2 but you will be met with a banned image if you try to access it same as this one below

Reddit Bans IPTV reseller subredit

With IPTV reselling on the rise and many choosing to venture into having and running their very own IPTV service without the big upfront costs on servers and streams its a great idea for anyone savvy and wants to make good money.

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Becoming an IPTV reseller is a great option as you can choose your own working hours and how much you want to work its certainly a great way to make some money in this industry.

Why Reddit Banned The IPTV Reseller Subreddit

Well, its no secret Reddit can be heavy-handed when it comes to throwing down the ban hammer on many subreddits from movie download subreddits to IPTV there are always certain things that trigger their very loose rules and guidelines due to the nature of IPTV.

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But it seemed the real trigger was the number of IPTV resellers who were using the platform to resell IPTV subscriptions which violated the site rules.

You can see this kind of thing happening with Facebook as well and Facebook pages it’s just now Reddit seems to be taking a stance on using their platform for selling IPTV services.

Reddit was asked why the decision was made to ban the /r/iptvresellers2 group and they merely mentioned it was “unwelcome content” and unsuitable for their platform.

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This is not the first time Reddit has banned the subreddit iptvresellers as the first time they took away /r/iptvresellers which prompted the admins to make a new /r/iptvreseller2 which has now been banned as well.

Now Reddit has firmly placed their foot down and said they do not welcome IPTV resellers anymore on their platform which is a blow to the IPTV industry especially the reselling side of the IPTV.

What Does A IPTV Reseller Do Anyway

If read the above and are unsure what a iptv reseller does then they are basically the retail side of IPTV as well as some IPTV providers also dealing with retail such as B2C (Business to customer)

retail store

What IPTV resellers do is they buy off an IPTV provider for a much lower cost then an average customer can buy IPTV due to them buying in bulk. Now when they buy in bulk it isn’t to give to their friend Dave down the pub and his mates they buy IPTV to resell on for a profit and some resellers do very well with this better than some IPTV providers themselves.

IPTV reselling is a great way to get your foot in the door without spending a lot or having to gain the knowledge to run IPTV hardware and software so it allows anyone to get started very fast and make decent money depending on how well they can sell it.


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Would You Recommend Becoming A IPTV Reseller

We would have to admit IPTV reselling is one of the best ways to earn money nowadays in the year 2020 will it always be good its hard to say what things will happen in the next 5 years but certainly, for now, its a very good method to starting a business without having to own equipment, have any knowledge and mainly just needs you to sell whether you have big groups of people or your website its a good business venture.

Benefits Of A IPTV Reseller

  • Low costs
  • No upfront costs
  • No knowledge needed
  • Earn good money
  • Pick your own hours
  • Be your own boss

You can head over to our own IPTV reseller section to see the prices we charge or also look around for IPTV reselling from IPTV providers but make sure you get quality and have good quick support with your provider should you or your customers run into trouble so good communication with your supplier is a must.


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