How To Set Up A Firestick Without An Amazon Account

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If you have had the joy of trying to set up multiple amazon firesticks at one time or trying to set them up for friends you may have noticed that every time you turn a new firestick on it asks for an amazon account to be registered with the stick.

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But if you are setting a few up at a time and for friends, this can become quite annoying very fast. So we have put this guide together on how to set up a firestick without an amazon account so you can get past this annoying issue on new amazon firesticks.

Setting Up A New Firestick

Normally if you have purchased the firestick or amazon device directly off your own amazon account then it will already come preloaded with your Amazon account, so you are always better to buy a firestick from other retail stores or online stores.

But if you prefer to use your amazon account to buy the firestick then this is fine you will just need to go to your Amazon account using a web browser and de-register the firestick from your amazon account.

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How To Register A New Account On A Firestick 

There are 2 methods where you can register without it being stuck to your actual amazon account. So this is perfect when setting up the firesticks for family and friends etc.

2 Ways To Set Up A Firestick Without an Amazon Account

  1. Register with your own amazon account with the firestick then once you have set up the firestick de-register your amazon account from the firestick.
  2. Set up a throwaway email and make a new amazon account then use this throwaway account to register the firestick.

Below we are going to show you how to do both methods easily.

Register Your Own Amazon Account On The Firestick

This is the easiest method as you will simply buy the firestick from amazon and it will come preloaded with your account already on, or you can simply out your own amazon login details into the firestick.

This will register the firestick with your Amazon account so you can set up the stick and then you can de-register the firestick from your amazon account.

To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your new firestick is turned on and you have connected it to your home wifi network
  2. When asked enter your amazon login details
  3. Download and install any third-party apps you need on your firestick

Now with the above done, you must follow the below steps to de-register your firestick from your amazon account.

  1. From the firestick homepage choose Settings
  2. Now enter My Account
  3. Then select Amazon Account
  4. Choose De-Register

Once you have finished with the above steps you will be able to use the firestick without it being linked to any amazon accounts and any third-party apps you have loaded in such as IPTV or Kodi you can continue using.

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Setting Up The Firestick With A Throwaway Account

If you have any privacy concerns or you are not selling the firestick to friends and family but setting up for anyone else this method will be the best.

  1. Buy a prepaid visa or MasterCard from any high street retails store
  2. Go to any online throwaway email website and get a throwaway email address to use
  3. Set up a new amazon account using a bogus name, address, telephone number, and the prepaid card you have

Then once you have followed the above steps you can then go on to setting up the new firestick with this new amazon account you just set up.

Using this above method you do not need to deregister the amazon account either so you can go on to pass the firestick on to friends, family, or others while keeping full privacy.

Once you have set up the firestick without an amazon account, you can go on to install Kodi on the firestick or even watch free movies on your firestick.


Can I use a fire stick without an amazon account?

Yes, you can use a fire stick without an amazon account and there are 2 methods to use to bypass the amazon firestick registration.

How do I bypass the amazon fire stick registration account setup?

You simply need to use your own amazon account then deregister the account or use a throwaway account to bypass the new firestick registration screen.


We hope this guide has been of help as we have had issues in the past with not being able to set up multiple amazon firesticks due to the firestick wanting accounts registered to them.

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